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Take a chance for a Yeti!

Take a chance for a Yeti!

Feeling lucky? Raffle tickets can be purchased via the paypal link below. Tickets are also available from any volunteer or at the Rescue. Send an email ( if you want to pick up tickets. Drawing will be held December 13th! 

Yeti Raffle Tickets

2020 On-Line Auction

Our fundraising events have been for the most part curtailed this year, but the number of dogs in need and the expenses associated with them have risen. We are hopeful that our very first on-line auction will help fill the gap! Bidding is open, just click on this link:

Please join us to help make this a successful event so we can continue reaching out to help the many dogs that need rescuing! You might even find that perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list!

If you have any questions, send us an email at

November News

Hi there!

It’s been a while since we sent out an email; such a crazy year it has been.    Happily for the dogs it has been a good year, as many of the people who have been forced to stay home have realized that their lives were made better by having a pet stay with them.  So adoption numbers have been wonderful!  We hope that if you have adopted an NCCR dog that the dog is loved and happy and that your own life has been enriched by your 4 legged companion. 

The shelter had to stop their regular open hours due to Covid-19; we can’t afford to take the chance that people could get sick who are responsible for the daily care of the dogs.   Applications to adopt can be found online, if approved an appointment will be made to visit, and all visitors must mask up.  We thank you for your understanding! 

Several dogs have still been with us for a long time.  Copper, Phoebe, Ginger and Miley Girl have all watched as their kennel mates came and went.  All are deserving of finding their own “furever” homes too.  You can find more information on all of them online at   Copper just completed obedience training and Ginger has recently begun training too, all in  the shelter’s efforts to help them find good homes.  Phoebe was the dog of the week in the newspapers this week and is a personal favorite.  She isn’t good with strangers and won’t roll over for belly rubs for just anyone, but be patient, take your time, visit her several times at the shelter,  bribe her with hot dogs and ball playing in the yard and you will find yourself a loving companion.    You have to earn her affection, and it will be worth it.


Due to the virus situation several of our annual fundraisers were canceled this year.  As a result we are trying something new, an online Auction!  Please read all the details here; we are looking for donations… so if you can… be creative and make something,  donate a beautiful antique from your home,  shop local and make up a gift basket, promote your business and donate goods or a service or buy us something new and have us auction it off!  Items are needed by November 21st and bidding will open shortly thereafter.  The Rescue appreciates any support it receives; even if you can’t donate, check back and start your Christmas shopping by making a bid for an item you like!  Remember it all goes to help the dogs and pups. 

NCCR Annual

Stay safe and healthy and thank you!

NCCR Volunteer

NCCR is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield, NY, 14787  716-326-PAWS.  Many of the dogs can be seen online at  NCCR is a New York State Registered Rescue, RR028, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Follow/like us on Facebook or on Instagram @nccrdogs

Gus, the Neighborhood Celebrity

Gus, former NCCR resident and now “neighborhood celebrity” and his family recently hosted a car parade/meet and greet. He first made a guess appearance at the Lions Club and then spent the day soaking up all the attention he received from everyone! Gus’s friends donated collars, leashes, treats and donations which were shared with NCCR and Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue. Our thanks to Gus, his family and everyone that donated!

Three and a half years ago, 170 pound Gus left NCCR for a new home. He has become quite the celebrity in his area, a friend to all, especially kids! Gus and his family are holding a collar and leash fundraiser Car Parade on October 10th (see all the info below). NCCR and Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue are the beneficiaries of the donations! Join in the fun and meet Gus too!

Girl Scouts Collect For the Dogs

Girl Scouts Collect For the Dogs

Every year Girl Scout Group of Western New York, Troop # 20237, does a service project for their founders birthday at the end of October. They decided to make “ NCCR” the project this year. The Monday, October 26th meeting was held at Point Gratiot at which Denise Zentz, the Dunkirk Animal Control Officer, attended along with some of the Volunteers from NCCR. The troop collected and donated items from NCCR’s wish list. Denise spoke about the importance of Animal Control and the Volunteers explained how Rescues and Shelters work and the many people it takes to care for the dogs.

Little Milo, who is waiting for a home, also attended the event as ambassador for the dogs. He certainly enjoyed all of the attention he received.

Thank you girls for all of the donations that you collected for the dogs!


Priscella and two of her pals lost their home when the family could no longer care for them. Thankfully, she is now settled into her new home! “She has adjusted extremely well, just after one week she exhibits behavior that is very friendly and happy. She is very cuddly and roams the house freely. She appears to be completely house trained as she hasn’t had an accident in our house yet and we don’t expect her too at this point in time.

She loves to cuddle up to you when she sleeps. She loves our house and particular our sun room. This allows her to get a full view of the outside since it is completely glassed and screened in. ANY animal (deer, squirrel, chipmuck) gets her attention immediately! She isn’t really vocal but sometimes will be when she wants someone’s attention. The only odd thing we found is that when she hears the fire siren, she thinks it is other dogs howling and she begins to howl as well. Don’t think this is harmful and is somewhat entertaining.

She goes for 4-5 walks a day and on the weekend I take her to a park and use a long training lead to let her wander around for about an hour. Now her tails wags all the time. She appears to be very happy with her new surroundings.

We are really happy to add her to our family and completely enjoying her company.  Thanks for sharing her with us.” 

Priscella was adopted in September 2020.

Koda (Chief)

This handsome fellow was found roaming stray. When no owner came forward, he was readied for adoption and soon left for a new home. “The first week or so he would suck on his blanket from the shelter and knead. To my surprise he hasn’t done it in a few days, where when he first got here he was doing it multiple times a day. He does great when our family comes over. We have no children in our house or family so he hasn’t interacted with them yet. We walk at least 1 hour a day, and he does great. He pulls if he sees another person/dog/bird. He has sit down pat. We are working on down, recall, heal, and leave it. He’s a fast and smart learner, but husky’s like to do things on their own terms! He is a Velcro dog to me. If I go to another room, he has to follow me and know where I am. His attachment seems strongest with me, probably because I am home all day and give him training and structure.

Sorry for the novel! It’s nice to talk about our sweet boy. If you have any advice to anything, let me know!”

Koda was adopted in October 2020.

Daryl (Happy)

Daryl and his brothers were abandoned in a cemetery. After being rescued, it didn’t take long for each of them to find homes. Daryl now has a new brother, Todd, who was adopted a year ago from NCCR. “He’s doing very well. He does not like to be crated; so he has run of the house and doesn’t get into anything, but if not around he will take shoes. Daryl is good with people and kids; not timid. He’s very cute, very smart! ” 

Daryl was adopted in October 2020.

Ivy (Heaven)

After a very long stay at NCCR, it was a wonderful day when Ivy headed off to her new home! “She is doing great. She is fitting in very well and has a big personally. She a very sweet dog! She loves playing with her sister friend Gotham, and walking around the farm and investigating new sights and smells. She has fit in very nicely. She loves going for rides and jumps in the car every chance she gets even when you don’t expect it. The other day the vet was here for a one of the horses and left her door open next thing you know, Ivy jumped in the side door. Very funny!

Thank you so much for taking care of her and giving her a second chance.”

Ivy was adopted in April 2020.

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae came to NCCR at 8 years old when her family could no longer care for her. It wasn’t too long before a special family chose her. “Maggie Mae has been a great addition to our family.  She is very sweet and we’ve enjoyed watching her grow close with our other dog, Tandy.  Maggie Mae LOVES to go on walks, she has been happy to show off her swimming skills and she is always up for tug of war contests with her new family.  She is adjusting well—housetrained, eating well, sleeping well, plays nice with our other dog, etc. ”

Our experiences with Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue couldn’t be better.  Maggie Mae has been as advertised; it is obvious the staff of NCCR took the time to get to know her during her time there.  Thank you again for everything!”

Maggie Mae was adopted in September 2020.