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Open Hours Change

NCCR’s daily open hours have been temporarily suspended until further notice, but this does not mean that you can’t still adopt! We have many wonderful dogs waiting to be chosen but we need our volunteers and staff to stay healthy to care for them. So how can you adopt? First, view the all the dogs at If you find a dog or two that interest you, just complete an application (under each dog’s photo). Applications will be processed as usual and visitation will be arranged for approved applicants. Do you have questions? Call 716/326-PAWS or send an email to It’s important to stay safe and be vigilant about your health and those around you. Together we can all make a difference. We look forward to being able to resume our daily open hours as soon as possible!

Little Gus

This cute little fellow is Gus, formerly Snickers. He was found in a ditch and no one claimed him. He’s a friendly guy, and oh so cute, so it wasn’t long before he found a home in February 2020. His family says, “he is doing great and has adjusted well. He is such a little character, we love him so much!”



“Why do they keep calling me Samara, all of us at the “mill” were only a number. I remember before I was loaded into a car and brought here from Ohio, I was in an outdoor kennel with others like me.  No one ever petted us or gave us any attention other than to take our puppies and swat us. When I first got here, they put my food into a silver container, I didn’t know that I was supposed to eat out of it so I waited until they dumped my food on the ground like I was used to. I now have the bowl thing figured out but so many things that are so scary, they keep trying to put these things around my neck, they call them leashes, I have decided that nothing good can come from them. If they get a leash on me, then what, and where would they take me? 

Relaxing on the porch of the heated dog house

I spent a long time in a fenced yard with a heated dog house  after I first arrived here, and I had other huskies that played with me, I was happy, but they would soon leave for some place called “home”. I never did see them again but soon I would have another friend. I sort of got used to my foster mom and would eat chicken out of her hand and we would play, I would run and have fun but she was always trying to get me to let her touch me, I was so good at staying just far enough away so she couldn’t. I learned to do that from the “mill” where they took my puppies. Their hands were not friendly hands and I soon learned that they are not to be trusted.  I learned how to dig out from under the fence and I decided to explore the world a bit.  I didn’t go to far and settled into a spot that was pretty nice but soon I was found,  I spent a week there and people were trying to catch me, it was pretty funny really and I had no intention of letting them near me.  I was well fed and visited daily and one day I decided that it was time to follow my foster mom home.  I now knew how to get out  of my yard and my foster mom told me that I needed to come to the shelter so that I wouldn’t leave again and maybe get hurt.  I don’t know why they continue to brush and pet me, and talk to me, but every day the people here, they call themselves volunteers,  spend time with me. So far I am able to act like I don’t really like it but I have to admit that I do look at them and wonder why they are not staying longer.  I have a roommate all the time and I really like that, I can howl pretty loud if they leave me alone. I’m not sure what life has in store for me, I know that I will never forget the abuse of the mill.  And noises, oh man, some of them scare me so bad, like gunshots, but I know all to well what they mean.  Thunder can be pretty scary too, because they sound like guns sometimes.

They tell me that I deserve to have a home of my own where someone will love me just as I am, I’m not sure if I can return that love but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  Maybe, just maybe, there is a special someone just for me.  I know after 3 years Sammi went to a home.  I’m not exactly sure what a home is but it must be a nice place as all the other kids that live here are waiting for their “home”. So many memories, I wish I could forget them but I know how lucky I am to have got a second chance away from the “mill”. I just know that there are hundreds like me that never get that chance. Could my second chance be with you?”

Let us know if you’d like to meet Samara, just call 716/326-PAWS. A home with another dog would be the ideal situation for her. An application is on her webpage:

Sassy Sadie

Little Sassy Sadie came to NCCR with two other Pomeranians, most likely from a backyard breeding situation. “‘SassySadie is doing great. She’s playful, fun-loving, sweet and good-natured, definitely wants to be included in everything and DOESN’T like to be left out of activities.

We’ve worked on completing house-training plus getting her used to the great outdoors. We call her SassySadie and mostly Sadie – she’s not really very sassy until she’s left alone. We’re working on not barking so much then – that can be a problem at times. She is suspicious of children and, not surprisingly, of certain folks she doesn’t know but we’re patient with that. She’s a willing participant in everything we do, even loving to go in stores and places in her shoulder carry bag that I use sometimes. It was actually amazing how well she fit into our household after the first 48 hours of snoozing that she did. She’s a sweetheart and we’re glad she’s with us!” Thanks, NCCR!”


“We’ve been calling him Bastion. It took him about 5 days to get himself settled in but he’s still learning our schedules. He’s very well house trained but does get bored in the few hours if nobody is home. He sleeps on either my bed or my brother’s because he’s an absolutely huge baby. Bastion loves absolutely everybody and everything, though he seems to ignore cats and dogs that are decently smaller than he is. I do think he’s loving it here and he’s definitely spoiled. Also, he goes nuts in the snow. I think it’s his favorite thing in the world.” Sebastian was adopted in February 2020.


“Harold is doing wonderful! He and my 2.5 years old daughter are like two best friends 😁😁. He is king of the house lol and steals all of her stuffed animals but she doesn’t mind 😁😁!”

Olive the Great Dane

She was Sweetheart and now she is Olive! “Her coat is shining like a black diamond. She had her first bath and did well. Olive gets along with all 2 and 4 legged creatures. She’s a very smart girl and quick learner…amazing girl and we love her!”

Another Lily from the Digger Dozen!

Janna, now Lily was adopted in December 2019. Her family reports that she and their cat have become best friends!

Lily from the Digger Dozen

Lily, formerly Jessa (her mom was Lotus) was adopted in November: “Lily is doing great and has completely settled in. She loves being and playing with my other dog. She is very playful and loves to snuggle. Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Lily (Jessa) home.”


“Thank you for checking on “Happy” (formerly Trixie)! She is a perfect for for our family and has adjusted so well. She is as sweet as she can be and we love her so much. We have a very small yard, so she gets daily walks in a leash around the block and neighborhood. She also visits the elderly in a nursing home and is getting more acclimated to the sights, sounds and smells there. We are so truly blessed to have her in our lives. Such a precious and lovable member of our family. Thank you for the opportunity to adopt her.”