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  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Has Shots
  • Not Known

Learn all about Sammi by following this link: http://www.caninerescue.org/sammi/

Sammi is kindly sponsored by: Barb Smith in memory of Gary, Charlie Fisher, Dan Courtine In honor of Rick Rupprect and David and Ruth Deike. Thank you! 

If you think you might be interested in adopting,  your first step should be to complete an adoption application. Send an email request to adoptions@caninerescue.org or call us at 716/326-PAWS for an application or if you are on the website (caninerescue.org), the application is below. Please double check any phone numbers you are providing on your application.  If the numbers are not correct, we will not be able to process your application.  Thank you!

Click here to open adoption application in a new window