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Siberian Husky

Samara is not ready for adoption yet, but she is making progress, slowly but surely!  Samara is a beautiful adult Husky who came from a puppy mill, so she did not have the luxury of living inside with her people.  She didn't have the daily hands on care and love of a family or exposure to many people.  She is in the process of learning to trust humans and accept attention from us.  Samara has no aggression at all, she's just fearful of getting too close.  

Samara loves other dogs, when the time comes, she will need a home with another dog or two.  She makes dog friends easily and desires their companionship.  We will post here when she is ready for visitors and a home. 

Samara is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is kindly sponsored by Meg Thering in memory of Rahul and Heidi Kumar's "Sideproject",  Charlie Fisher, Dan Courtine in honor of Holly and Xander and Jim and Patti Farrell.  Thank you! 

NYS Registration #RR028.

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