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Australian Shepherd

WORK IN PROGRESS (not ready for adoption yet).   Meet Dundee, a very handsome Aussie, another victim of a puppy mill.  Dundee was rescued in mid-July 2019 from a backyard breeder hoarding situation in Arkansas along with Darwin who was recently adopted.  He has been in a foster home with other dogs since his arrival, but now he is at the shelter so that he has exposure to more people and activity.  Dogs in the puppy mills are just one of many.  They often suffer abuse and receive very little, if any, human contact or socializing. Dundee is making slow progress but progress nonetheless thanks to the volunteers who spend extra time with him.   He is very shy, prefers women over men and can be easily overwhelmed so will need a calm and predictable home with a patient and loving family. He gets along with other dogs, and has never shown any signs of aggression to people or dogs no matter how stressed he has been. 

We will post once he is ready for visitors and adoption.

Many of the puppy mill dogs are a work in progress and we are always in need of foster homes for the mill dogs. (Let us know if you are interested.)

Dundee  is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He is kindly sponsored by  Elaine Tschari, Barbara Fox Nellis, Paula E. Stern, Lisa and Jason Weaver and Matthew Fowler. Thank you!

NYS Registration #RR028.

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