Success Stories

Short Tales About Happy Tails

Zoey is a wonderful addition to the family.  She is spunky, loving and so much fun to be around. Happy that she found her forever home with us!  Zoey, Duke and Oreo are best friends. I want to thank NCCR for our new best friend, she will never need or want for anything. Spoiled rotten!😆

zoey collage


In the fall of 2015, little Mater, formerly Buckwheat, didn’t spend much time at the Rescue before he was scooped up and taken to his new home. Now and Indiana resident, Mater is well loved by his family. “The whole family and friends group love him. He has won us over for sure.  I’m so thankful that I was referred to  your shelter!”

Buckweat now mater


Back in 2011, Gideon, a rough around the edges kind of guy, landed on our doorstep.  How lucky for him that someone saw all the potential he had just lurking below the surface.  His “mom”  tells us that Giddy is doing so well. “He’s my best friend in the whole world… Goes everywhere he can with me; hiking, camping, horseback riding, road trips, you name it and if he’s allowed he goes. He truly is the best dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of having and gives me more love than I can imagine. I’m so lucky to have him. He’s definitely a special boy!!!”

Gideon collage


Tasker (now Ruger) was just a pup when adopted in February, 2014. The family had been looking for a dog for a long time and weren’t sure they wanted a puppy but….”We have to tell you, this pup is not only cute, but he’s super smart, and he has the nicest disposition. He’s very protective of our home and especially Michael. He is just the absolute best fit for our family. He got bigger than we thought he would, we spent a small fortune in jackets and training crates that he grew out of, but now at a year and a half old we don’t have to crate him anymore. He’s such a good boy, causes no trouble at all!

Tasker aka Ruger


Rocky a hearing impaired adult Lab came to NCCR when the shelter he was at ran out of space. A wonderful family had been waiting for just the right dog to mend their hearts after losing their two Senior dogs who were also former NCCR residents.  Rocky’s lack of hearing hasn’t kept him from enjoying all of the family activities.  His “dad” says,  “He is a true blessing for our family. He is definitely my dog.  He goes with me everywhere and never leaves my side.”  rocky adopted___________________________________________________________________________

Doolittle, now Baxter, arrived at NCCR as a stray. This poor boy had been terribly neglected and was definitely in need of medical care and lots of TLC;  he landed at the right place for that. It took him many weeks to get back on his feet, but little did he know that as he was recovering, he already had the possibility for a wonderful home.  Now in that home, Baxter’s family says: “He is just the absolute sweetest boy. He moved right into my house and immediately acted like he’s always there – no transition issues at all. Everyone loves him! Thanks for bringing us together!” And our thanks to Baxter’s “mom”, for giving this senior fellow the amazing life he deserves!

Doolittle new


Hagar was just a pup when adopted in the summer of 2013. He’s all grown up and here he is, showing two of the fosters that his family cares for, how things work in his home!



Ty now HenryWhen Ty came to NCCR shortly after the first of thisyear, it was apparent he hadn’t been well cared for, but that’s all changed now!  His new family tells us- “Ty” or now Henry or Gus (he is slowly revealing his personality to us, so we are undecided about his name), has fit in just perfectly in our home.  He has a very playful, sweet spirit and is quite the little character.  We are still working on some of his inside skills (namely, potty breaks), but it took our other beagle rescue, Sherman, a few weeks to get the routine down, so we are confident Henry will eventually figure it out.  He loves to go for rides and often rides in the co-pilot seat.  He has a great appetite!  Thank you for all the wonderful things you guys do at your rescue.  We are so happy to have “Henry” or “Gus” in our pack!”


HerculesHercules was just a pup when adopted in October 2014. His family says: Hercules is doing great!! He’s such a good boy! We kept the name he responded so well & I didn’t want to confuse the poor guy. The Vet said he’s most likely done growing and weighs 37 pounds. He’s completely house broken & can sit, lay down, shake, speak & roll over. He loves the snow. He pounces right into it & hops through my footprints lol. It’s so cute. (March 2015)



From Harvey’s new family:
Just wanted to send some pictures of Harvey since he’s been adopted. We absolutely love him and he fits right into our family. His sister Zoey absolutely loves him too. Thank you again! (March 2015)