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Rescue Stories

Recently the Observer featured rescued pet stories and here are a few from the families of NCCR alumni!

nanookSophie Corsoro Lily Cruver Jesse Rose Chance and Abbey Peters Beau Strickland Bear and Genny BrinkmanMax Feree

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
We hope that you will join us for the upcoming events.
See the detailed list by clicking on the “read more” tab.

It’s all about the dogs!


OPEN HOUSE:  March 17th, Noon to 3 p.m.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST: April 14th, 8-11 a.m. at the Methodist Church in Westfield. Adults-$6, Children under 10-$3

OPEN HOUSE: April 21st, Noon to 3 p.m.

FREE RABIES CLINIC: May 19th in Westfield, 10 a.m. to noon

OPEN HOUSE:  May 19th, Noon to 3 p.m.

PUTTS FOR MUTTS GOLF TOURNAMENT: June 2nd at Pinehurst Gold Club in Westfield, 18 hole, 2 person scramble only $60 per player (includes lunch)!

February Shelter News

Happy February everyone!

So far 32 dogs and puppies have found homes this year. That’s fantastic! We hope that those numbers just keep getting better and better as the year progresses. Our thanks to you if you were one of those lucky adopters, hung a poster, gave a donation or spread the word about the shelter.

Love is in the air this month and the shelter Open House is this Saturday the 17th from Noon to 3pm. Bring some treats, bring some toys, bring a donation or just bring yourself. You never know who you will find there; after all, who says your soul mate has to have 2 legs? Ask about volunteering; you’ll be well rewarded by spending time with all the shelter sweethearts at NCCR.

If you aren’t aware, the shelter is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield, NY and is normally open Monday through Saturday from 1-3pm or by appointment by calling 716- 326-PAWS (7297). Many of the available dogs and puppies, as well as shelter information can be found online at or our Facebook page at

We can’t let the month of love go by without showing some personal ads for a few dogs in particular.


sammi faceSingle, brown-eyed, active female seeking long-term companion, preferably with a fenced in yard. I enjoy
long walks and spending time exploring the great outdoors. The right
person for me will be patient, kind and respect my personal space.
Must love dogs. I’m waiting for that special someone who will take
things slow and let us really get to know each other and gain my trust
and affection. Good things come to those who wait, and I’m worth it. Get
to know me and I’ll be sure to win your heart! Be my valentine and
I’ll be your loyal sweetheart!



RocketAs you can see, I am a handsome young man, friendly and outgoing. My hobbies are long walks, curling up with my favorite person and I certainly wouldn’t mind a dinner out once in a while. I am looking for a very long term relationship, I have tried a few but they just didn’t quite work out. I’ll admit that I do have some quirks, but then, don’t we all?? I can play a little hard to get, and I know that I send some conflicting messages; I have a tendency to snuggle and roll over indicating that I am looking for a belly rub, well sometimes that is not the case and I will take your arm in my mouth to let you know enough is enough, I also do not want anyone trying to wipe my feet off or dry my belly with a towel, there are some things that a guy just should not have to tolerate. I’m also seeking from my companion a fenced yard that I can wander about in knowing that if I get the urge to run too far, I will be reminded that I can’t do that. I’m really just your average guy looking for a home, doesn’t have to be fancy, I don’t need a lot to make me happy, mostly just some time and a lot of love. How about you come in and meet me, friends first and then I might go home with you.


Posey 2Young attractive spayed female who is energetic and very smart is looking for an active home with a couch to curl up on at night after I’ve worn us both out playing outside. I’d probably share you with a bigger dog, maybe not a cat though. I’m fairly well educated but would like to have time to continue my training so that I can be the best behaved dog ever.





pitty pups



The shelter has had a number of puppies recently; in fact we currently have a litter of adorable Pitty pups that will be available for adoption in 4 weeks. As a result we are terribly low on old bath towels (not washcloths or hand towels) and old sheets. Any donations of those are very much appreciated!





Keep an eye out on FB or the website for a pancake breakfast fundraiser to be held next month; the date is to be determined. Plan ahead too for the 6th Annual Dog Gone Good Yard Sale to be held July 27th and 28th at the shelter. We will start collecting items July 1st. Thank you again for all your support!

NCCR Volunteer


NYS Registered Shelter/Rescue #RR028

2018 Calendar Sale!

There are still a few 2018 Calendars featuring NCCR dogs, past and present available now on sale for $8. If you can’t stop in, we can mail a calendar to you; just go to this page  The proceeds from the calendar benefit the Sampson Fund ( which enables us to cover costs for medical emergencies and illnesses.

We welcome you to stop in and visit our “store” during our open hours Monday through Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.   Some of the available items are pictured below.

2018 Calendar dogs


You’ll also find some beautiful handmade jewelry, bracelets, key chains and a few lockets. The jewelry was made for and generously donated to NCCR by Tillie’s Trinkets. The bracelets are $15 and are available with different color hearts as well; please specify the color you would prefer when you submit your order. All are available at NCCR’s gift shop which is open Monday through Saturday from 1-3. Let us know if you would like to come at a different time. All proceeds all go to the dogs!

Aren’t able to visit NCCR?   We can mail the bracelets to you (key chains are now sold out!)   There is a drop down menu below to make your choice and quantity, add to your cart and check out with paypal. It’s easy shopping!


bracelets bracelets


We have just added these cute charms ($2 for the colored paw print/$3 for “I love my human”) for your canine pal’s collar and these adorable holiday bandanas!!


santa bandana3



We also have t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more all reasonably priced! Stop in, meet the dogs and get some shopping done!

tshirts sweatshirt polo shirt koozies



Hi Folks,

Sammi waitingI’m Sammi, not your everyday average coonhound I might add.  I am a very special girl that has a story,  I can’t tell you all of it,  some of my past I’d rather forget.  I ended up as a stray, basically a  feral dog that found what I discovered to be a safe place after months of wandering.  Gus, the mastiff, that was badly injured in an accident, and I met , and well, the truth is, I ended up having 8 adorable puppies!!  But, to back up a bit, during the time I was carrying these pups, I wouldn’t let anyone touch me, and they used all kinds of tactics to catch me and I could stay a step ahead of them until I was outsmarted and ended up in a crate and taken to NCCR two  days before the pups were born. I was so afraid of everything and everyone, I wouldn’t let anybody near me or my puppies. As time went by and I watched the volunteers come in to my room and feed me and get me out and not hurt my babies, I begin to think maybe they aren’t so bad after all.  I now can let them put a leash on me and take me for walks, which I love, I play with a friend in the yard and I have moved into the big room with the other residents here.   I’ve been spayed and vaccinated, so I’m now ready for a home!

I don’t think I have ever lived in a house as every new noise is a bit unnerving and yet I seem to be houseSammi and Lucy1 trained so that I can be a polite member of the family. I’ll tell you what I am looking for.  First off, someone that is very patient, I love patience, and it gets you everything.  I want a playful dog and a fenced yard, these are a must as I know that given the chance I would wander and probably be hard to for you to catch. I need someone that would be willing to start coming in and taking me for walks and spend time with me with your other dog before you take me home. I am very agile and can land on the table or the counter with ease, but I am also very smart so I would quickly learn not to do these things.

Sammi faceI’ll bet you’re wondering, “so, what do I get in return for all of this”?   I have the biggest brown eyes that when I look at you, will melt your heart and soul. I will learn to trust and in time you will have a friend for life, I will be a faithful companion that will walk by your side and when you call “Sammi”, I will be right there.

Do I sound like someone you are willing to give a chance to?  Love doesn’t always come easy, I have learned this.

By the way, I love chicken!!!



See Sammi’s video here:




Shop at Amazon Smile


Did you know that  you can shop at Amazon Smile (, choose your favorite not for profit group (NCCR of course!) and NCCR will receive a donation for each purchase you make AND there is no cost to you!  Just click on the “get started” button below!



Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue Inc

NCCR Supports NCCF

NCCR Supports NCCF

#NYGivesDay is a day dedicated to giving back to nonprofits throughout New York State by way of a 24-hour fundraising challenge that works to raise awareness, build support, and increase shared philanthropy throughout communities that span the vast state of New York.

Community foundation grantThe Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation has been a firm supporter of Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue over recent years. Through their Community Grants Program NCCR has been awarded money to complete both the interior and exterior fencing for the new isolation room, and a new roof over the exterior back door of the shelter. Both of these awards have helped us make our shelter better, safer, and more “user’ friendly for both canines and humans. NCCF also has a presence throughout the year at various community events, and they ask the public to list their favorite local non-profit on a slip of paper that goes in to a raffle box. One slip is chosen by the Foundation, to receive a check for $100. Our shelter has been lucky enough to receive a check quite a few times.

Without organizations like NCCF, we would not be able to accomplish our goals, so please come out this Tuesday the 28th and help the Foundation ( raise funds so  they are able to continue to fund local non-profits like ours, so we can all continue to do the much needed work we do!

Do you like dogs?

Do you like dogs?

Do you like to talk?   Do you like to talk about dogs? You may be just what who we are looking for!

DSC03176We need some volunteers that would like to spend a few hours going to places like Tractor Supply, Petsmart or other places that are pet related. All you do, is stop and pick up one of NCCR’s wonderful furry friends and take them out to meet the world.  Who knows, you might even be the one that is the reason he/she gets a home of their own!

Sound like fun?  It is, give us a call (716/326-7297) or send an email ( if this sounds like something you would like to do.

We’d love to have you join our team!

DSC00106 DSC02614 DSCN0402

Cider and Bake Sale


A huge thank you to these wonderful children who raised over $600 and received many donations with their 3rd Annual Cider and Bake Sale! What an amazing job they did! Thanks too, to all of their “customers” who so generously donated for the dogs here at NCCR. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated as we surely couldn’t care for the many dogs that we do without all this assistance from others.


donations cider fundraiser cider and bakke cider and bake sale1 Cider and Bake Sale

Pet Appreciation Day

Our Dolly, Pixie and Bronto recently represented NCCR at Tractor Supply’s Pet Appreciation Day. Many stopped to meet the dogs, talk to the volunteers and to bring donations. Four adopters brought their NCCR dogs to visit!

Thank you Tractor Supply for inviting us to this event and to those who visited!

           Stormy now Ammo                   Kona & Andy, now Dixie and Bo

Stormy now Ammo at TS TS Know and Andy now Dixie and Bo











          Ruger now Beaudreaux                             Lucy, still Lucy!

TS Ruger now BoudreauxTS-Lucy