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The 2020 Calendar-sold out, but more arriving!

The 2020 Calendar-sold out, but more arriving!


#3 Calendar 2015The 2020 Calendars will be back in stock by December 11th.  You can pre order now and they will be sent to you upon arrival.   One former NCCR dog from each year since 2005 is featured. All of the other photos entered in the drawing appear on days of each month. The calendars are $10 each. 

Proceeds from calendars benefit the Sampson Fund.  The Sampson Fund was established specifically for veterinary expenses for  our most urgent cases. This year, we were able to care for several ill and injured dogs that we may not have been able to afford without the Sampson Fund. Just a few examples: NCCR takes in strays and turnovers and occasionally those dogs arrive with medical problems. There were three cases alone this year where hip and leg surgeries were required. As a general rule, these surgeries cost between $1600 and $2000. We had a litter of 8 puppies, all seemingly healthy and going to their new homes. Parvo is a very sneaky disease and can pop up when least expected.Two of the puppies became ill after going home ended up at  emergency vet clinics in 2 different cities. The cost was in the thousands to care for both puppies which were covered by the Sampson Fund. Another dog was admitted to an emergency hospital with an unknown illness and the Sampson Fund came to the rescue.

As you can see it does not take long to deplete the Sampson Fund. This fund is such an important part of our finances as we are able to help dogs that otherwise would not receive the help they need. Learn more about the Sampson Fund here:

Calendars can be purchased at the Rescue Monday through Saturday during open hours from 1-3 p.m.or in the evenings between 7 &8 p.m.  If you would like a calendar(s) mailed to you, the paypal button is below, postage is included.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to or leave a message at 716/326-7297.

We’ve been busy…

Stop at the Basil Fredonia showroom to see “Basil Trees for Charities” including NCCR’s tree of handmade ornaments featuring past and present NCCR residents. Donations can be left by the tree and Basil’s will be generously matching all monetary donations.  And if a new vehicle is on your Christmas list, you just might find what you are looking for!

Basil images

We recently attended the Grand Opening of Tractor Supply in Westfield and two of our residents, Ricky and Minnie attended in hopes of finding a home. As this is the “muddy season” you might be interested to know that there is a dog wash in the store.  Max and his family are testing it out on the opening day!

TS grand opening

In October, one of our volunteers and a couple “residents”  attended the Blessing of the Animals in Lily Dale.

Blessing of the Animals

In September we got out the train and dog costumes for the Grape Festival Parade in Silver Creek!

We are always looking for new volunteers, not just for caring for the dogs, but for events and outreach programs.  We have a wonderful group of volunteers and would love to have you join our team!  More info on volunteering here:

Grape festival

Buy A Brick!

Buy A Brick!

walkwayWe’ve recently added a beautiful brick walkway between our parking lot and our front door and you can now buy an engraved brick in memory or in honor of a pet or person for the walkway!  It’s also a great idea for a gift for the pet lover in your life.

Each brick is $50. Just complete the form below and choose submit. A confirmation message will be sent to you.  If you do not receive a confirmation message, please let us know.  Payment can be made through Paypal (the button is below).

If you prefer, click on this link, buy a brick for the dogs,  to print out the form. Drop the form off at the Rescue or mail it to NCCR along with your payment. We are open from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Our mailing address is:  NCCR, 7540 N. Gale Street, Westfield, NY  14787.  We accept payments made by check (payable to NCCR), cash or by Paypal (button is below).

If you have any questions, please let us know. (


November Shelter Update!

Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue (NCCR) is happily celebrating its 20th anniversary!  To honor the more than 3000 lucky dogs who have found homes, we’ve created a 20th anniversary calendar highlighting some of the adoptions from over the years.  All the dogs pictured in the calendar were former shelter residents.  Proceeds from the calendar sale will go to help restore the depleted Sampson Fund which helps cover out of the ordinary veterinary expenses;  there have been a number of such situations this year.   More information about the Sampson Fund and the calendars can be found here:

CoverThe calendar is only $10 at the rescue or $12.05 if ordered online/shipped direct  The shelter is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield and is open Monday-Saturday from 1-3pm; special shopping only hours are also 7-8pm nightly.  The shelter has many items available for sale besides the calendars.  Great stocking stuffers like shirts, hats, magnets, jewelry and other items are on display!

Still thinking of what to gift that special person who loves dogs, but has everything they need?  Honor them (or their dogs!) with an engraved brick in our new walkway.  Bricks are only $50 and you can honor or memorialize a pet or a person.  All the details can be found here:








Thanks to Basil Chevrolet Buick Cadillac of 212 E. Main St. Fredonia, NY, and Patterson Library 40 S. Portage St. Westfield, NY for including NCCR in their Christmas tree fundraisers.  Basils invited several local non profits to decorate trees in their showroom, and they are accepting donations there.  They are also matching all cash donations that are made!  So if you are thinking of a new/used car for Christmas or would just like to check out the trees, then go to Basils and make a donation to NCCR or any of the other worthy groups.

Patterson Library also asked NCCR to decorate a tree and is having a contest to pick the nicest tree.  All proceeds from the contest are going to NCCR, so stop by the gorgeous Patterson Library (it really is a beautiful place!) and cast your vote for a tree.  Both trees were decorated by NCCR volunteers; the Basil tree highlights dog alumni, and the Patterson tree showcases current residents of the shelter who would like a home for the holidays.

77113901_2575430079210872_1550083929401196544_n Christmas tree in the library










Are you wondering what is needed at the shelter?  Here’s a donation suggestion list:

2019 Christmas NCCR WISH LIST

Most importantly, the dogs need good, loving homes, with patient people who can understand that coming from a shelter to a home can take some adjustment.    Are you thinking of adopting or know someone who is?  Come to NCCR, ask the people there about the dogs.  Tell them what kind of lifestyle you have, are you active or sedentary, are there young children or older people in the house, how many hours would the dog be alone, do you have cats or other dogs….all these things will help us to help you find the right dog for your home.   

This year NCCR has so far found homes for more that 280 dogs and puppies!   We have expanded our connections with puppy mill rescues in Ohio and NYS, and increased the number of foster homes that we have.  We’ve also been very fortunate to have a volunteer who has a setup at her home that enables her to have several rescue litters of puppies at a time.

People who see the dogs every day often wonder why some get overlooked for so long.  Sure, there might be some things that need work,  but we often find that once a dog gets into a home and is settled in (which can sometimes take weeks!) the adopter will tell us how perfect that dog has become in their lives and how they couldn’t imagine their home without it.  Just read the calendar stories!  Right now, there are several dogs that have been with us for a lot longer than we can understand; Heaven, Sammi, Molly and Arthur. You can view all of the dogs waiting for homes here:

These dogs are all great dogs who like spending time with people they know.    Arthur is young and sadly growing up in the shelter; he will do wonderfully with more training.  Heaven had puppies on Mother’s Day; all her pups found homes immediately because they were adorable, and Heaven is an adorable grown up version of the puppies.    Molly was returned when a baby came into the home; she’s a wonderful middle aged dog who crawls into your lap for cuddle time.  Sammi just needs someone who is patient, calm and will give her time to adjust.  Both Arthur and Sammi have videos where you can see them in the yards.    Talk to any of the people at the shelter-they know these dogs the best and will tell you all the info about them.

Would you like to volunteer to help these dogs?  The shelter is always looking for dependable volunteers who can commit to 3 hrs/week minimum doing cleaning, fundraising, maintenance work or whatever is needed.  You can find a volunteer application here:

We are very thankful for all the support we have received over these past 20 years.    Those 3000+ adoptions would not have been possible without your help, be it financial, word of mouth or adoptions.  Please tell your friends about us; we would love to have many more of the dogs find homes for Christmas!

Hope to see you soon!

NCCR Volunteer

NCCR is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield, NY and is open Monday-Saturday from 1-3pm or by appointment by calling 716-326-PAWS.  Many of the dogs can be seen online at  NCCR is a New York State Registered Rescue, RR028, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Instagram @nccrdogs

(You’re receiving this email because you’ve either donated to us, adopted from us, are an animal related business or have given us your email at one of our many events.  If you’d prefer not to receive these emails in the future, please just email us back with a note that you want to be removed, and you will be.)


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
We hope that you will join us for the upcoming events.
See the detailed list by clicking on the “read more” tab.

It’s all about the dogs!


OPEN HOUSE:  November 16th at NCCR 1-3 p.m.


Final Rabies Clinic, Saturday, November 9th in Jamestown

Final Rabies Clinic, Saturday, November 9th in Jamestown

The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Division of Public Health has announced the final free rabies vaccination clinic of 2019 is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 9 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Jamestown Fire Training Center, 240 Harrison St. in Jamestown, N.Y.

This clinic is sponsored by the City of Jamestown and Dr. Gregory Hoyt will be the attending veterinarian.

Vaccinations will be provided free of charge to all dogs, cats and domesticated ferrets three months of age and older. All pets must be on a leash or in a cage and pet owners should bring rabies vaccination records for each animal that will be receiving a shot to ensure proper and effective vaccination.

New York State Public Health Law requires each dog, cat and domesticated ferret over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies and county residents are encouraged to be responsible pet owners by having their pets vaccinated.

Rabies is a very serious disease of warm-blooded animals caused by a virus. Raccoons, bats, skunks and foxes are the common disease carriers. The virus is transmitted to humans and animals through saliva and it can enter the body from a bite, scratch, scrape or open cut. The rabies virus infects the central nervous system and can cause brain swelling and ultimately death within days of the onset of symptoms.

For more information about the clinics and rabies in general, click here or contact the Division of Public Health at (716) 753-4481.


NCCR Calendar Winners!

NCCR Calendar Winners!

Dog of the Month winners for the NCCR 2020 Calendar were randomly drawn by volunteers.  We only planned on drawing 12 dogs, but 15 years were represented so two dogs will share the spotlight for some of the months! We will be in touch with the winners soon to arrange for photos to be taken. All other submitted photos will be included in the calendar.

Thank you to everyone for participating and for sharing your lives with a former NCCR “resident”.

2020 Dogs of the month

2019 Yard Sale

2019 Yard Sale

We want to extend our thank you to all who donated and shopped at the Yard Sale this year, making it another successful fundraiser.  It is our largest fundraiser held every July and we are grateful for everyone’s assistance so that we may continue to help the many dogs that need us throughout the year.

It also would not be possible without the many volunteers who spend countless hours, sorting, organizing and preparing all of the donations for the sale in an effort to make the sale an easy shopping experience!

lawn sale volunteers thumbnail_SAM_3372 yard sale2

Foster Homes Needed (for puppy mill dogs)

Foster Homes Needed (for puppy mill dogs)

Thousands of puppy mill dogs live in terrible inhumane conditions.  They are bred over an over again until they are no longer useful.  These adult dogs, along with young dogs (no longer those cute little puppies) that didn’t have a buyer,  are  frequently killed.  The Puppy Mill Rescue Team, in coordination with two veterinary clinics,  has arranged for these cast offs to be surrendered to the clinics where they receive any necessary medical treatment. Once that is complete the dogs are given to approved Rescues for continuing care and rehoming. When NCCR has foster homes available, we have been been able to take in a few of these puppy mill dogs, but we are in need of more foster families.

Puppy mill dogs need time to make the transition from often unsanitary conditions in overcrowded cages, to life with a person or family in a real home. Some dogs adjust in days, others can take longer. NCCR supplies the food, vetting and anything that is needed for basic care. If you have the time and patience and want to help prepare a puppy mill dog for his or her forever home, just fill out the application to foster (at the link below) and we will be in touch!…/19IXJlXWb2hSmpAJqwysD6DZOGzt…/

emmas arrivalEmma was a recent puppy mill intake.  To give you an idea of what fostering a mill dog is like, this is from Emma’s foster mom.  “When the call comes out for a foster for a puppy mill dog,  you can’t help but wonder what kind of shape it will be in, but you jump in with both feet because they need you. These dogs are often filthy with urine soaked fur, overgrown nails, etc. so a much needed bath is usually step one.  Slowly and carefully you come down to their level with a soft voice and touch and try to make that first connection to let them know it’s going to be alright.

I welcomed Emma to my home on April 4th. “Ems” as she affectionately became known, had all the usual puppy mill idiosyncrasies. Most prominent,  the fear of touch and sound, engaging “lawn ornament” status with each touch. We had to work on housebreaking issues which took about 3 weeks. Understanding, patience and time brought Emma out of her shell; she began to trust! My resident dogs helped immensely in her transformation. Emma loved the outdoors, this is where her inner dog came out! Scampering around and playing with me and my furgirls.

Emma outside comfortable EmmaThe first time they approach you to explore you is a breakthrough. Then as days progress, they begin to come out of their shell wanting to see the world around them; their discovery of toys, the feeling of their body finally relaxing as they sit next to you.  The transformation may take weeks or months, but it is the most beautiful thing to be a part of. You, yourself can say job well done, but the bigger picture is how you have made a difference and changed one scarred/traumatized dog’s stars.  On June 7th,  Emma went to her wonderful furever home.”

From Emma’s new mom:  “Emma and I are doing great and making slow, steady strides each day. She is eating well, sleeping well and has been able to stay on her own without any issues. She
plays well with her toys and loves to run around in her big yard. I just  love having her here with me and look forward to each day . Thank you so much for helping me find my forever friend. Foster mom, Lynn Marie, has also been so wonderful through this whole experience.”

Here is Emma in her forever home.
Adopted Emma Emma at home“It takes a special person to adopt a mill dog, to continue their journey. Yet so worth it, the bond is unbelievable.”


We currently have a couple puppy mill dogs in foster care that will be available soon.  One is this beautiful Husky, read more about her and the Puppy Mill Rescue Team here:…/nccrs-husky-makes-her-o…/…
Would you like to help the “Emma’s” in need?  If you have any questions about fostering, please don’t hesitate to call (716-326-7297) or send an email to  We would love to be able to help more dogs.

2019 Deli Dog Day

2019 Deli Dog Day

It was a perfect weather day and despite the road work right in front of the deli,  people maneuvered around and arrived at the deli for their lunch and were most generous with their donations!  Chippy, who is waiting for a home,  was a great ambassador, so calm and receptive to all of the attention. The winning ticket for the raffle was drawn by the Corner Deli owner, Joyce, for the “Celebrate Our Colors – Red, White & Blue” hamper  which was won by Sheila Hammond. Proceeds from the event will be used to purchase toys to keep the dogs busy and active while in our care.

A big THANK YOU to Joyce LeWallen, the owner of Olde Corner Deli, who has welcomed us to her premises with dogs for the last 4 years and to all who came to the event!

 Sandi Sheila Roxie and Joyce Selling tixkets Shelia Roxie Chippy