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November Update

November Update

Hi everyone!

I hadn’t expected to email so soon, but we have some fantastic events and fundraisers that suddenly were organized; I didn’t want you to miss out on them!

  • Saturday, November 11 NCCR dogs @ Dunkirk Tractor Supply 10:30am→12:30pm
  • Saturday, November 11 “Santa Paws is Coming to Town” Holiday Photos with your pets & family @NCCR Learning Center, 11:00am→3:00pm
  • Saturday, November 18 NCCR Open House, 12:00 noon→3:00pm
  • Week of November 13th, Nickel Plate Depot, Brocton, NY will be having a basket raffle….”Thankful for Rescued Dogs” proceeds to go to NCCR

Santa ad
If you’re looking to get a wonderful holiday themed memory, than NCCR is the place to do it! Come do some Christmas shopping too and pick up the beautiful NCCR 2018 calendar for only $12 or any of the other great gifts that the shelter has for sale. Get your pets all looking spiffy and let the photographers work their magic!

All of these events, fundraisers, adoption days go to help all the dogs that pass through NCCR’s doors every year. So far we’ve adopted out more than 215 dogs and puppies this year! Mother/daughter duo Dolly and Pixie were adopted a few months ago and sadly returned through no fault of their own. They are still hoping for a home before Thanksgiving. November is Adopt A Senior Dog month and these two delightful dogs would make a wonderful addition to most any home. They LOVE attention and would be on your lap for cuddle time in a flash if you let them.

dolly pixie
We hope to see you at any of the November events. Don’t forget, the shelter is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield and is open daily Monday-Saturday from 1-3pm or by appointment by calling 716-326-7297. Many of the available dogs can be seen online at

We thank you for your support; none of this is possible without your help, love and commitment to these wonderful dogs!

NCCR Volunteer


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
We hope that you will join us for the upcoming events.
See the detailed list by clicking on the “read more” tab.

It’s all about the dogs!

November Events

Do you like dogs?

Do you like dogs?

Do you like to talk?   Do you like to talk about dogs? You may be just what who we are looking for!

DSC03176We need some volunteers that would like to spend a few hours going to places like Tractor Supply, Petsmart or other places that are pet related. All you do, is stop and pick up one of NCCR’s wonderful furry friends and take them out to meet the world.  Who knows, you might even be the one that is the reason he/she gets a home of their own!

Sound like fun?  It is, give us a call (716/326-7297) or send an email ( if this sounds like something you would like to do.

We’d love to have you join our team!

DSC00106 DSC02614 DSCN0402

2018 NCCR Calendar

2018 NCCR Calendar

Order your 2018 NCCR Calendar here!   The calendar features NCCR rescued dogs, from Frankie, one of our long term residents, to Sammi (who is still waiting for a home) and her eight delightful puppies.  The calendars are $12 each (plus postage if mailing). Calendars are available for purchase at the Rescue or you can order below and we will mail them to you. For additional quantities to be mailed, send an inquiry to

2018 Calendar


The proceeds from this fundraiser benefit the Sampson Fund which is a separate fund that allows us to pay for veterinary care of our most urgent cases; those that are ill or arrive with infected bite wounds, mange, tumors, broken bones, burns and severe infections.  Learn more about the Sampson Fund by following the link below.


Cider and Bake Sale


A huge thank you to these wonderful children who raised over $600 and received many donations with their 3rd Annual Cider and Bake Sale! What an amazing job they did! Thanks too, to all of their “customers” who so generously donated for the dogs here at NCCR. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated as we surely couldn’t care for the many dogs that we do without all this assistance from others.


donations cider fundraiser cider and bakke cider and bake sale1 Cider and Bake Sale

Pet Appreciation Day

Our Dolly, Pixie and Bronto recently represented NCCR at Tractor Supply’s Pet Appreciation Day. Many stopped to meet the dogs, talk to the volunteers and to bring donations. Four adopters brought their NCCR dogs to visit!

Thank you Tractor Supply for inviting us to this event and to those who visited!

           Stormy now Ammo                   Kona & Andy, now Dixie and Bo

Stormy now Ammo at TS TS Know and Andy now Dixie and Bo











          Ruger now Beaudreaux                             Lucy, still Lucy!

TS Ruger now BoudreauxTS-Lucy


Adopt, don’t shop and this is why…

Adopt, don’t shop and this is why…

Have you ever wandered through one of the pet stores and  played with or laughed at the adorable little puppies in their cages?  Most of these puppies carry a horrendous story with them. Most are puppy mill dogs. The term seems harmless but behind the scene lies a horror story. The parents of these pups are kept in cages 24/7; their only purpose in life is to produce puppies to be sold.  The cages are small and dirty, there is no play time, nor is there any time to live in a home and learn what it is like to be loved. Typically, they are little money machines and when the owner deems that the parent either is to old, or not capable of carrying a litter of pups, they are destroyed.  Any puppy that is not what the owner deems as “perfect” is also killed.  Many of these pups have minor problems that can easily be remedied or they are able to live a long and happy life with a “handicap”

NCCR has just joined with a puppy mill rescue team that is working with vets in Ohio to change the plight of some of these dogs and puppies. The “millers” have agreed to bring in the dogs no longer considered useful or puppies born with defects instead of killing them. They are then checked for health problems, spayed/neutered and any fixable defect is repaired.

shippooLittle Libby is one example of a puppy that would never have been able to live her life if not for rescue. She was born with one eye that is smaller then the other and there is no sight in it. She deserves a full life filled with love and being sightless in one eye is not going to change her lifestyle at all.  The adult dogs are nervous of all new things and have to learn what it is like to live in a home, learn house training, they have never seen stairs or know what it is like to walk on a leash or curl up in someones lap. They do come around and their lives are changed forever.

These dogs and pups have to go into a foster home instead of the shelter to begin acclimating to life outside of a cage. If you are interested in making life better for one of these furkids by fostering please contact us. A few hours spent can make all the difference in the world to one of these pups and in the process can melt your heart.

5th Annual Yard Sale….

5th Annual Yard Sale….

Frankey ty


2018 Calendar Cover Dog Winner

Forty-Six NCCR dogs were submitted for the Calendar Cover Dog and the winner pulled by two young visitors to open house, is Tillie Mae Wise!  They really are all winners as they were each given a second, sometimes a third chance by each of you for which we are ever so grateful!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Dogs On Parade!

Dogs On Parade!

NCCR’s director had an idea for this years float for the 4th of July Parade in Mayville, thus the “NCCR Express” was created! NCCR dogs, current and prior adopteds did their part by riding on the train through the course of the parade.  It was a fun time and the dogs did great! Here are a few photos the Mayville and Ripley parades; click on each to see a larger photo.

Amy and dogs Brownie and Steve Elsa in Ripley Elsa1 Jesse relaxing Joan and dogs july 4th crew NCCR Express parade Princess Rick and Elsa Teagan1