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Not long after Sasha (formerly Fantasy) arrived at NCCR, our population increased by five. This good little momma raised her beautiful pups and then found a home of her own. She has now been in her home for a year and just celebrated her first “Gotcha Day” with her family! “Sasha is doing great,she loves her daily walks, she also loves going to her grandma’s house to play as well as her uncle Jay’s house. She has turned into a very cuddling dog at time time during her bed time. She’s doing very well and gets a lot of love from my kids and my family members. Thank you!

Sasha was adopted in August 2019.

Bruno (formerly Jeter)

Bruno was just a year old when he was rescued with his 9 year old chocolate lab mother from an abandoned shack in the mountains. We thought he was just the sweetest fellow and his family thinks the same! He’s celebrating his first “Gotcha Day”. “Bruno is doing great! He’s super sweet and loves to cuddle more than any dog I’ve ever met. His favorite person is my son, they have a very strong bond. He is besties with our cat Tucker. He is the perfect dog for our family. The only thing we haven’t figured out is training him to stay in our yard. We keep him on a leash at all times outdoors except for the dog park. Overall I have to say he’s pretty awesome!” 🙂

Bruno was adopted in August 2109.

Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae, formerly Cleo, was surrendered to NCCR when her family was unable to care for her. She is celebrating her very first ‘Gotcha Day’! “Gracie Mae has been the perfect addition to our family!  We feel so blessed to have her she has brought us so much happiness. She is soooo good. She gets along with everyone even the kitties.  We really thank you all so much for what you do and for helping us find our Gracie Mae❤️”

Gracie Mae was adopted in August 2019.


Abby, a Border Collie mix, was surrendered by her family in 2019 as they did not have the time to devote to her that she needed. She was only a year old and had a lot of energy to burn. Abby spent about 4 months at NCCR; she had been waiting for a family that understood what her needs were and she found it! “It’s crazy to think it’s been only a year since we adopted Abby! Now that we have her, we can’t ever picture our lives without her. She has an extremely quirky and sweet personality, and we have loved every minute spoiling her and her dog brothers. She loves to chase the ball, stare at you while standing in front of the TV (haha!), and just being with her dog and human family. We love Abby, and we love NCCR!”

Abby was adopted in August, 2019.

Malley (formerly Aphrodite)

Malley was one of five puppies born shortly after their mom, Fantasy, arrived at NCCR. We received this note on her first “Gotcha Day” this year. “Hello, we wanted to give you an update on Malley (fka Aphrodite).  We adopted her a year ago today. Our 11 year old and her are the best of friends.  We are so happy we adopted her and I think she agrees.  She went on many walks during quarantine and kept our son from being bored.  She is so cute, we love her!”

Malley was adopted in July 2019.


Elroy was a stray and his owner did not come forward to claim him. He arrived with another dog, (Judy, now Ghosty) who wasn’t claimed either. Elroy was at the Rescue for many months, but he was finally chosen to join a family who patiently gave him time to settle in. He has plenty of canine companions now and a family to love him!

Elroy was adopted in July 2019,


Buster has made his way to NCCR from the reservation where it appears that he has lived his entire 5 years outside on a chain. Sadly, he suffered with fly bites on his ears and eye infections. Everything was new to Buster. We hoped he would find a wonderful person or family that would finally care for him and love him, and that’s exactly what he found! “Buster is living his best life now! We are so blessed to have this boy in our lives! It’s hard to believe he hasn’t always been here! When he is not playing with his countless toys he loves snuggling with his 2 buddy’s Bandit our 16 yr old large mix and Revo our 15 yr old toy poodle. He is just such a good boy! We cant imagine life without him! He celebrated his gotcha day with some doggie ice cream followed by a nap with his favorite blanket! He is even having a gotcha day party this weekend with his favorite playmate Maverick the standard poodle!”

Buster was adopted in July 2019.


Emma came from a puppy mill. She had no clue how to interact with humans, play with toys; everything was new and scary. Fast forward a year…. “Emma has come so far in this last year and has become a wonderful little companion. She loves to snuggle , go for walks and play together with her toys. Emma will approach other people and let them pet her; she also gets along well with other dogs. More than anything, she makes me happy and put a smile on my face everyday. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be her forever dog mom.”

Emma was adopted in June 2019.

Maggie (Fern) and Fudge

This bonded couple, likely mother and son, were brought to the shelter when their family moved. They are celebrating a year in their home! From their family, “They go for a long walk every morning, weather permitting.  Maggie walks with some mission in mind while Fudge prefers to take his time and enjoy the scenery.  They are still very much the bounded pair but have now included us in their family to be protected and loved – besides we give them TREATS!  Maggie is a fast eater and so has a special dish to help try to slow her down, while Fudge, yet again, prefers to take his sweet time with his meals.  Fudge likes to watch television and Maggie likes to sit in your lap and help you eat, whether you want the help or not.  Everyone needs a taste tester don’t they?  They both dislike the snow and the rain and so find that someone has to stand outside with them to prove that it is okay to be outside.  They have several sweaters and coats (who doesn’t like to dress up their family members!) and are very good about putting them on so must have worn in their previous home.

We are still learning about each other after a year, but they are a loving duo and a joyful addition to the family.  Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do.”

Maggie and Fudge were adopted in May, 2019.

Tucker (Darwin)

Tucker was rescued in mid-July 2019 from a backyard breeder hoarding situation in Arkansas. Darwin was extremely traumatized by his early life of abuse and neglect. He was so shut down and terrified when he arrived, he was desperate to hide and couldn’t be handled. Fast forward to May 2020…from his family: ” “We wanted to update you on our sweet Tucker. He has made so much progress. We have a bit to go. He is my shadow. He sleeps on our bed with one of our other dogs. He loves to play mainly with me still but he’s starting to let Mike in. He knows the routine as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Out to potty and I like to sit on the couch where he jumps all over and plays and takes my hand for me to pet him! He’s just a crazy, silly loving baby & we love him so much! I’ve enclosed a video ( to show how he has changed since we first met him. Thank you!”

Tucker was adopted in January 2020.