Category: “Success Stories 2019”

Black Jack (Jasper)

Jasper was a pup from the “Gem Litter”. “Blackjack is my best buddy!”

Black Jack was adopted in May 2019.


Jordyn is from the “Digger Dozen”! “She’s doing great, love her to bits!”

Jordyn was adopted in November 2019.

Amanda Sue

Amanda and her companion Tucker were brought to NCCR as a pair, to be adopted together and they were. But after a short time, the family decided they didn’t want Amanda and then refused to bring Tucker back so that they could stay together. Fortunately for Amanda Sue, a loving family re-adopted her and she surely looks pretty happy! “Manda Sue is loving all her favorite people being at home! I just wanted you to know what a blessing she has been to our family!”

Amanda Sue was adopted in September 2019.

Bennie, Ziggy & Chica

These three adorable pups are all NCCR alumni! Ziggy (front left, formerly Roscoe) was adopted in January 2018. Bennie (in the back) was adopted in June 2018. Little Chica was adopted in July 2019. “They are all doing great!”

Finnegan (John)

Finnegan is from the Digger Dozen Litter and the son of Lotus. Check out those ears!! “John is now our Finnegan. He is a happy boy! Working on potty training with a bell to go outside. Eats like he still has multiple siblings around to share with but has slowed down some. He sleeps with us like a baby! Has played with multiple other dogs and plays well with others. We have 2 cats that he is intrigued by but they will not give him the time of day yet. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt this sweet boy! We, and our entire family and friends, LOVE HIM! “

Finnegan was adopted in November 2019.


Joy was one of the many from the “Digger Litter” and daughter of beautiful mom Lotus. “Joy is still doing wonderfully and – appropriately – bringing so much JOY to everyone she meets! Joy is about 27 lbs. (in February 2020) and is big and strong, sweet personality, and HUGE ears. She’s the best and we’ll continue to update you guys on her life in her forever home! Thank you for always checking up on your animals. It’s amazing!”

Joy was adopted in November 2019.

Gus (Garnet)

What a good-looking fellow Gus (formerly Garnet) is! Gus was one of the eight “Gem Puppies”. (His siblings were Diamond, Jade, Jasper, Sapphire, Ruby, Onyx and Topaz.) He enjoys playing frisbee and camping with his family. From his family: “Happy New Year !! Gus is weighing in at 90 lbs at 10 months 💖 he is the most amazing puppers💖we absolutely adore him ! Thank you for picking us to love him.” Thank you for choosing him!!

Gus was adopted in April 2019.

Zoe (Topaz)

Here is another one of the “Gem” puppies! Meet beautiful Zoe (formerly Topaz)! From her mom…“Zoe is a beautiful Auburn color weighing in at 73 pounds. She loves to run in the park and chase balls! She’s a gentle giant and brings us such joy! Thank you for her!”

Zoe was adopted in April 2019.

Ruby Grace

Ruby was a member of the “Gem” litter. From her family: “Ruby Grace aka Ruby is a real gem. Weighing in at 52 lb , she loves to play ball, play in the snow, cuddle on the couch and make you laugh. After losing our last pup Lily, Ruby has filled out hearts to overflowing. Thank you so much!”

Ruby Grace was adopted in April 2019.

Max (Curt)

Max was one of a “Heinz 57” litter. “Max is doing great!neutered. Thank you for the wonderful work you all do for the animals. He is quite a character and growing up so fast. Already weights 35 lbs!”

Max was adopted September 19, 2019.