Category: “Success Stories 2020”

Laika (Gina)

Beautiful Laika wasn’t at NCCR very long before she found a new home. From her family: “Thanks for checking in, it really shows that you care about the animals! Gina wasn’t responding to her name very well so I changed her name to Laika. She’s named after the first animal in space which is a story I find myself telling much too often now! She was understandably a little nervous for the first few weeks but has really been coming into herself lately! She seems to have adapted to the new routine pretty well! She has been great with other dogs and other people and has been a great walking buddy for me! I can hardly make it a block without someone stopping me and telling me how beautiful she is. this makes a short walk into a long one!

I would like to thank NCCR for everything they are doing for both the dogs, and for the adopters. You are running a fine organization and have brought a lot of happiness to myself and for everyone else that steps into my home.  Keep up the good work!”

Laika was adopted in August 2020.


Paddington, a sheepadoodle, came from a puppy mill at 9 weeks old. “Paddington is a wonderful boy and is now over 50 lbs and doing great.”

Paddington was adopted in March 2020.


Toby’s first adoption wasn’t successful, but it didn’t take him long to find just the right human for him! He gets to enjoy both city and country life now. “He is very good natured and is so affectionate. Toby’s good with other dogs, good with kids he sees, sits when asked to and is very trainable. Toby sleeps in crate at night; he likes it.  He goes in with his toys and in the morning brings them all out one by one! He’s so cute, everyone wants to pet him!”

Toby was adopted in May 2020.

Tucker (formerly Ian)

Ian came to NCCR at 5 months old from another shelter. From his family, “Ian is now named Tucker. He is so happy 😁 I’m his new 🏡 home. We are almost potty trained. He loves the peanut butter snacks that I made for his rewards. He takes naps in his crate every afternoon. He loves people and try’s to make friends with everyone he meets, and every pet that he meets. He wants to be friends with our cats. They, however don’t want to be his friend. Maggie goes to a high place and hisses at him if he comes to close. She is not afraid of him. Mitzie is afraid of her own shadow so she hides from him upstairs. We have been training him to walk next to us . He is very strong . He is part beagle and so he tracks with his nose and pulls to the left and to the right. He is learning. Then when we come home we let him run freely in the backyard. What joy he shows as he runs in circles toward us and all around the backyard and back to us. He brings that joy to us!”

Tucker was adopted in May 2020.

Sweet Molly

Eight year old Molly was left in an apartment when her family moved. Thankfully a concerned neighbor fed her through a window. She came to NCCR quite obese, but is now working on her weight with the help of her new Dad! “Molly’s doing quite well.  There have been no problems with eating, sleeping, etc.  I’m sure she would get on top of my bed if she could but for now she’s content in sleeping in her own bed next to mine.  We have had no “accidents” in the house.  We take frequent walks and there is plenty to sniff around here!  She has been to my regular vet and her diet is being monitored.  She gets along very well with any person she meets.  We have not had contact with any other pets but she is very interested in the chipmunks, particularly the ones who live in the stone pile.  She generally rests on the couch but she has also been known to take over my chair if I’m not on top of it. Thanks to everyone for helping us get together, and for all of the work you do!

Molly was adopted in May 2020.


Juneau, a 4 year old Husky, arrived at NCCR on 4/11/20, rescued from life as a breeding dog in an out of state puppy mill. She was very timid with people so was in need of a patient family to give her the time to become confident and trusting. “I  just wanted to give you a quick update on Miss Juneau as we are closing in on 2 weeks with she and I being together and she is made such great progress with going outside to the bathroom. Thank goodness she was given a Beneful treat by one of my neighbors who has a dog because she loves them so they have been a great training aid! And look who has discovered how to play with a plastic bottle with a Beneful treat in it? She is becoming a dog, and I am so happy for her!  She is content. But she still has her moments indoors with me where she is insecure.  I am confident,  however,  that we are developing a greater trust in one another.”

Juneau was adopted in April 2020.


Ruger, a 2 year old Rottweiler, was relinquished to NCCR as he and the other dog in the household did not get along. Ruger now has a new home! “

“He’s doing great. He’s good at fetch. He’s super good inside; doesn’t chew, doesn’t get on the furniture. He’ll lay down if I command; he’s very smart/ He does get startled a lot, especially with loud noises. I give him a lot of positive reinforcement and Ruger now wags his tail a lot and is getting a lot of loving. The funniest thing Ruger does is he lays down to drink water with his whole face in the bowl.”

Ruger was adopted in April 2020.

Dexter (Buster)

Buster came to NCCR from an overcrowded shelter and was quickly adopted. “My kids chose the name Dexter for him. He has been spoiled rotten with new toys and a bed to sleep on. He learned to go to the backdoor within the first 2 days to go out and does so without issue. Only two accidents in the house since we adopted him.  He is wonderful with our kids, letting my kids walk him through the yard on the leash. We have been working on commands, first one sit, which he is learning quickly if he wants his walk.  He sleeps well all night, usually going to the kitchen floor because it is cooler there but no issues with bathroom needs or finding things to get into while we are sleeping.  Thanks for checking in!”

Buster was adopted in April 2020.

Nico (Ian)

Little Ian was the tiniest of his litter of three. His mom is Bonni. “He is getting so big!! Loves the the back yard and is a snuggle bunny . Loves to sit with us on couch. He’s doing very well already; we just love him to death.”

Ian was adopted in April 2020.

Oliver (Norman)

“We decided to change Norman’s name to Oliver. He seemed to respond better when we called him that and he’s learned his named pretty quick. The first few days he was pretty quiet, nervous, and timid. But after about a week he started to show his personality off by being more playful with me, started playing with his toys more, cuddling much more, and started to bark at the neighbors some when they walk by, slowly getting out of that habit. He’s full of energy and gets along with all the other dogs he has met around the complex. Probably his favorite thing to do is try to catch the squirrels and chase away robins. He has become much better at being on a leash and never seems to tire out, we go on about a 2 mile walk every night and he probably could go many more miles. He has had a few accidents early on but I have learned his tendencies to when he needs to go out and he’s getting much better at letting me know and the accidents haven’t been for over a week. He’s adjusted rather well and definitely has made himself at home quick. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog.”

Oliver was adopted in April 2020.