Category: “Success Stories 2020”

Waylon (Andy)

“Andy is now Waylon and he is doing great! He finished all of his medication, his wound has fully healed and has gained some good weight. He really wants to play but we’re taking it easy because of the heartworm treatment. He has a great appetite and he gets along so well with our other dog Sully! I think Sully is happy to have a sibling again, he was so lonely after we lost our Betty. We can’t wait for summer to see these boys really enjoying being outside playing together! Thank you for all that you do!”

Waylon was adopted in April 2020.

Ollie (Nelson)

“Nelson is doing great. We changed his name to Ollie. He is settling in nicely. Someone did a good job training him to walk on leash. He needs some manners which we would expect put is picking up on them pretty quick. He’s very well house broken and crate trained. Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We were getting very discouraged because several rescue groups never got back to us. It was very discouraging but we are glad it worked out in the end. Give a thanks to all involved at your rescue, you do great work. We will certainly recommend you to others looking for a dog to rescue.

Ollie was adopted in April 2020.

Finnian (Cubby)

Finnian fka Cubby came to us from a cruelty case along with two other Samoyeds. The poor dogs had improper care and lived outside in filth. “Finnian has been unwinding more in the past week. He’s shown zero interest in any toys thus far, but has started some indications of play – exuberant and jumpy. He’s continued to eat well. Breakfast usually doesn’t get finished right away, and he seems to think there’s never enough dinner. The first time out of the van, all he wanted to do was sit in snow and eat it. We put a water dish out, and he would ignore it in preference of snow. It’s still something he does on snowy walks – grab mouthfuls along the way.

We’re happy to have him in our home. All family who’ve met him love him, and the vets say he takes anything they’ve needed to do very well. Other than getting on the scale – that takes some convincing.

Finnian was adopted in February 2020.

Ryker (Reginald P. Beagle)

Ryker was a stray and no one came to claim him. It wasn’t too long before this sweet little guy found a home. “We are so happy we decided to adopt now Ryker just over two weeks ago. He’s is still very skittish but has opened up a lot already! He is eating very well and loves to play with his dog brother quite a bit! Only a few accidents here and there but nothing a little training can’t fix. It takes him a while to warm up to new people until he feels safe. He runs away from anyone, thankfully not me or my fiancé anymore. Thanks for checking in! 🙂

Ryker was adopted in February 2020.

Callie (Wolfie)

Wolfie was turned over to NCCR after she was “adopted” from a facebook post but then didn’t get along with the resident dog. “Wolfie is now named Callie and she is doing very well. She is so kind and loving! She seems to be settling in quite well and lounges on the couch any chance she gets (after a few spurts of energy to play)…..she even lays down half way through eating haha, but a lazy dog is a happy dog I am told. to an hour. As I have been telling people Callie is 90% easy going 10% mischievous! Thank you for checking in!”

Callie was adopted in February 2020.


Luckily for Paddington, a Sheepadoodle, he was rescued from a puppy mill at 9 weeks old. “Paddington has adjusted wonderfully to our home. His name fits him perfectly, he pidder-padders wherever he goes. He is eating and sleeping well. Although he is not crazy about going into his crate at night, he is quiet all night. He loves playing with our other doodles Latte and Nova. He and Nova spend a lot of the day playing. He is doing pretty well with house training; he still has an occasional accident but knows that well the bells ring a human will come and let him out. He loves everyone and only barks and growls in the morning when he sees his reflection in the sliding glass door. We is a wonderful puppy and we feel very lucky being able to adopt him.”

Paddington was adopted in March 2020.


Piper, an 8 month old Great Dane/Lab mix was pulled from an overcrowded shelter to give her another chance. “Piper is a wonderful dog and is doing great. She is such a goof ball! She reminds me why I love Great Danes so much. She is definitely a puppy yet and sure does get wound up at times! She gets along good with the other dogs. My old greyhound was snippy with her at first but I knew that she would be. Piper is so laid back though that when Myra snipped at her she just gave a look like “Whoa! Better stay away!”. Myra almost acts like she likes Piper now though. Piper does good with the farm animals and doesn’t bother the chickens. She isn’t too sure of the cows though. House breaking has been going good. We have had some accidents but that was to be expected. I sure am glad that we were able to adopt her. Thanks for all the help. I hope all is well at the rescue.

Piper was adopted in March 2020.

Lotus Jane

We received word that a very pregnant and heartworm positive dog was in need of rescuing and we agreed to take her. Sixteen puppies arrived before we could get Lotus to NCCR, sadly three were too tiny to survive. After the pups were weaned, Lotus underwent heartworm treatment and spent her recovery in a wonderful foster home who prepared her for her forever home. “Lotus Jane is so bright and well behaved. She’s still very shy with anyone not within our house, but she is so affectionate with all of us and wags her tail so hard that she often smacks herself in the face as she’s wiggling!❤ We did Lotus’ DNA just to see the breeds that created our sweet girl. All of the breeds listed seem really accurate. She’s truly a perfect mix, an epitome of a rescue dog!”

Lotus was adopted in January 2020.

Barry (Jordan)

Barry (formerly Jordan) came to NCCR from an over crowded shelter and was quickly adopted! “Barry is in the process of being house trained. He doesn’t deliberately go in the house, it is more the occasional accident when we don’t see the signs he has to go out. Logan and Barry get along great. They like to wrestle and Logan is very gentle with him. Logan will also put him in his place when he over steps his bounds.  A week ago I was watching TV and Logan was in the dining room snoozing. All of a sudden I heard that deep growl and bark . When I went to go check, he was still laying there and bag of bread was on the floor next to him. Apparently Barry decided to go counter surfing and grabbed the bag and Logan hollered at him. He dropped it and ran into the other room and played innocent.  Another happy story for you!” See the two of them at play!

Barry was adopted in April 2020.  

Odin (Ike)

This handsome fellow Odin (formerly Ike) is one of Bonni’s pups! “Odin is doing wonderfully! We couldn’t be happier!  He is such a sweet puppy, sleeps well and is eating very well. He is growing each day and fits in perfectly in the household! His housetraining is going very well and he lets us know when he needs to go outside.  He gets along great with our other dog Yogi.”

Odin was adopted in April 2020.