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“Just thought we would send an updated photo of our little guy. We’ve had him with us for almost 2 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. So happy he came into our lives. Thanks again!”

Oliver was adopted in May 2018.


This blue-eyed beauty arrived at NCCR as a very energetic 2 year old!
“A little over a year ago we made the trip down to Westfield to find a buddy or gal to our join family. We instantly fell in love with Ellie. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s obedient, she is loving and I swear there are times she tries to talk!”

Ellie was adopted in March 2018.

Coco and Chai

These two, Coco and Chai (formerly Cabernet and Chianti) were from the mystery breed “wine puppy” litter back in 2017. They were adopted together, but later returned. Happily they were re-adopted together in 2018. Their family says they are both so sweet and are celebrating a year and a half in their forever home!

Molly (formerly Zara)

Molly was just 4 1/2 months when she arrived at NCCR and was quickly, but while her family really tried, she just had too much energy for them. She was readopted and quickly settled in with her family where she had other dogs to help with all that energy. “Just wanted to send some pics on Molly’s 2nd birthday.  She is such a loving dog.  She always wants to be close to us.  She is very smart and very energetic. She has no meaning of a stranger, they’re just a best friend she’s never meet before.   She runs circles around her 90 pound sister lol!”

Molly was adopted on October 1, 2018.



Chesney squareChesney and his 6 siblings arrived at NCCR when they were just 8 weeks old. Their mom was a purebred English Setter, father was unknown.

This handsome fellow was adopted in 2018.  His “mom” is a runner and Chesney runs with her when she’s training. His family thinks he’s a great dog and they love him to pieces!

Jack (formerly Larry)

LarryLovable Larry arrived at NCCR on 11/16/18, along with his siblings, Moe and Carly. We are told the dogs were given to an Amish family, most likely for breeding purposes.
Larry, now named Jack! was adopted on December 15th.  His family tells us, “Jack has settled in well. He is happy all the time and gets along well with kids and other adults. Our 13-year old lab Shadow tolerates him but Jack wishes she was more playful. He and our 3-year-old grandson wear each other out. Jack loves walks and is happiest when he is in a room with us. He loves  to chew on his elk horn or chase his green squeaky ball.
Overall he seems to have adjusted well! Thank you for helping us find a home for him!