Sampson Fund

Sampson2Shortly after NCCR was established, a dog was brought to us by the dog control officer who found him curled up in the snow, trying to stay warm. He arrived badly malnourished, had severely infected wounds and suffered from damage to his internal organs as a result of neglect.  This poor dog was in desperate need of immediate medical attention if he had a chance to survive.  While sitting in the waiting room waiting to see the vet, we decided to give him a name.  He was beautiful despite his pitiful condition and should be a strong, proud dog.  We were afraid the vet would recommend euthanasia for him because of his critical condition and did not want him to die nameless. We chose Sampson for his name.

sampson01The medical costs of his treatment were overwhelming.  If not for the love and patience of the family who gave Sampson a home for the remainder of his life, the medical expenses might have drained all of NCCR’s resources.

Sadly, Sampson is just one of the many dogs that come into our care each year in need of immediate and costly medical attention. Dogs have arrived at NCCR with infected bite wounds, mange, tumors, broken bones, burns,  severe infections and even with faces full of porcupine quills.

In order to care for the hard-luck dogs we take in, we have a separate fund specifically created to pay for veterinary care for our most urgent cases.  If you would like to make a donation to be used specifically for the medical care of mistreated, ill and injured dogs you can donate directly to the Sampson Fund through the paypal button below or simply include a note with your donation sent to NCCR (7540 N. Gale Street, Westfield, NY  14787) indicating that your donation is for the Sampson Fund.