Formerly Eagle, this little cutie is from the 2021 litter of “E”s!

I liked Eagle’s brother’s name so much that I changed it to Eli.  He loves people and when strangers come he’s happy to welcome them and loves belly rubs. He’s got a 9 month old little sister kitten that he plays with often. They chase each other around the house, then you find them sleeping by each other. The 8 year old cat is not impressed with him, but does put up with him. His biggest buddy is our 8 year old Chihuahua mix, Pip. Pip does put up with a lot from Eli before he snaps at him. Eli and Pip both sleep with me in bed. He is fitting right into the family just fine.  Loves chew sticks!! ( non rawhide) Those really keep him busy!  He can be hard headed and strong willed when he wants to be, but he’s so darn cute! Still not to big but legs are getting long!

Eli was adopted in May 2021.