Lucky and Rudy

Lucky and Rudy (formerly Luther and Roofy) came to us from a neglectful situation.  They arrived infested with fleas and missing fur.  The duo settled in and soon were in charge of anything going on in the puppy room…they didn’t miss a thing!

News from their new home: “We’ve had the pups for almost two weeks and everything is going really well with them. They only had a couple of accidents the first couple of days but we let them out frequently and they are very comfortable being with us now. We did change their names to Lucky and Rudy and they started to come when called with their new names. They are eating really well and love sleeping on the couch in the afternoons. We’ve only introduced them to a few people so far and they were really friendly. Now that the weather is getting better we will be taking them for walks on the bike path and will see how they do with other dogs. We absolutely love our new pups and they seem to like their new home.”

Lucky and Rudy were adopted in February 2021.