Why Volunteer? Why Not!

Volunteers are the heart of the NCCR team. They generously give their time each week to care for the many dogs that arrive on our doorstep. We welcome volunteers that have a love for dogs and would like to join the NCCR team!  A training class is required and offered each month to prepare volunteers to begin hands on work with the dogs.  If you are interested, send us an email (adoptions@caninerescue.org) or stop in during open hours (Mon-Sat, 1-3 p.m.)

One of our long time wonderful volunteers is Charlie Fisher, who we are featuring this month.   Here is a little insight as to why he volunteers his time at NCCR.

Great Things About NCCR by Charles Fisher

Charlie & Murphy“My co-worker and friend, Elaine, had been volunteering at NCCR for years and had at one time mentioned the wonderful care their staff and volunteers provided to homeless puppies and dogs.  After suffering the loss of my closest family member and dearest friend Forrest, my golden retriever, I decided to stop and visit this shelter in the summer/fall of 2011.  Within a few days I started volunteering, first walking dogs which I believe not only they, but I also enjoyed.  By being and having adequate volunteers, it gives the dogs and puppies in the shelter more time and opportunity to interact with people, other dogs, and the outside environment.  I believe it makes the lives of the dogs and puppies at NCCR less stressful, more enjoyable, more diverse, and better prepares them for adoption.  What I really love about NCCR is that it is a no kill shelter which goes above and beyond to insure that every dog or puppy they get in is well cared for and loved.  I also am very pleased and very happy to see that they are able to adopt a lot of dogs and puppies each year.


In addition to having the benefit of feeling good about providing some comfort and interaction with the dogs and puppies at NCCR, volunteering there opens your eyes to the good that others in our communities are doing, i.e.  I am most appreciative of all staff members and volunteers at NCCR for all their contributions and efforts in improving and saving the lives of countless puppies and dogs and making this a better world.  Marcia, the current director of NCCR, excels in this regard, whether it involves/involved driving to Erie, PA day after day trying to catch a loose dog or the countless puppies and dogs she has taken home to nurse, care for, and pull through a potentially fatal illness or injury.

The staff and volunteers are all wonderful and interaction with some of them have changed my life, i.e  I first started working with Stephanie.  I was most impressed how easily she could get along with any dog, no matter how big or how frightened it was.  In talking with her I learned she was a vegetarian.  Not long afterward, I also adopted this practice and have yet to deviate from it, which hopefully improves my health.

Being involved with NCCR and the volunteers and staff have also been rewarding personally in other ways,  i.e. Jann, who I believe is the 1st founder of NCCR and an excellent photographer who takes pictures of all the dogs and puppies coming into the shelter, went to the trouble of taking numerous studio quality photographs of my dog Murphy and I on a very, very cold winter day- [these are pictures I will always cherish].  NCCR also provided Murphy the opportunity to have his picture taken with Santa Claus.

Thus, volunteering with NCCR will give an individual the opportunity to help dogs and puppies in need, feel good about helping out some of the less fortunate puppies and dogs in our country, open ones eyes to the good that is being done by others, and may possibly change your life in other ways.”

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