We hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend.  We always remember and honor the men, women and animals that have given their lives for our country.   If you weren’t aware, there is a Military Working Dog Teams National Monument at Joint Base San Antonio/Lackland AFB in Texas.  The base has been the training grounds for military dogs for over 60 years!

National Monument

NCCR recently started having open hours again.  Potential adopters can stop by Monday-Saturday from 1-3pm or by appointment at other times.  We still require that masks be worn and also ask that there be a limit of 2 people per family/group.

Here is a poster of our current dogs.  Some of these will easily fit into most homes; others will require extra TLC and training to help make them the best possible dog they can be.


Our guess is that sadly several of the dogs shown above did not receive proper training as pups.   Some of them will definitely benefit from more training after adoption.  Training will help forge the bond between you and your new dog! Everyone loves a cute puppy, but they require a lot of training and socialization.   One common phrase for pups is 100 new experiences in 100 days.  If you think you are interested in adopting a pup, keep an eye on the NCCR website at www.caninerescue.org as there will be several mixed litters available later in June.  Just make sure you have the time and ability to raise and love a pup for possibly the next 13+ years.

As you can see in the poster, the yard sale will be coming up the end of July.  Start looking for items in your home, garage or barn that you would be willing to part with to help fund the rescue.  Due to Covid, many of our fundraisers were cancelled or limited in scope.  Anything in good condition that you can donate is certainly appreciated.  As always, we do not take mattresses, electronics, books, clothing, computers, tvs, cribs or child seats.  We can start taking items July 1st.  Make some space so you can come back and fill up at the sale!  Plus there will be a chicken BBQ on that Friday the 30th😁.

Thank you for all your support!

NCCR Volunteer

NCCR is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield, NY, 14787  716-326-PAWS.  Many of the dogs can be seen online at www.caninerescue.org.  NCCR is a New York State Registered Rescue, RR028, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Follow/like us on Facebook or on Instagram @nccrdogs