Salvatore arrived at NCCR on 1/26/2021 after being found roaming stray on the reservation.  He arrived at the shelter significantly underweight and very sick, but he has gotten back to good health with some extra meals and a lot of TLC. Sal is very friendly with people and loves attention and petting but he had had no training, so he made his own rules as he is one smart fellow.   So, it was time to bring in some help to get Sal ready for adoption!   Tony from Lake Erie K9 (located in Erie, PA)  began working with Sal, teaching him things he should have learned as a puppy.  He had never had a human leader to teach him, but Sal caught on quickly with Tony,  learning what was expected of him. Now that Sal has solid basic training he will do wonderfully with a person or couple that will continue to work with him!

“From” Sal:  I might look like your average every day dog,  but I am much more than that. My friends call me Sal, that’s short for Salvatore.  My life started out  running the reservation, doing pretty much as I wanted to, no rules or training. My buddy and I were picked up as delinquents and no one came for us so we were turned over to NCCR.  This was a very fortunate thing for me as I was infected with Parvo,  I was so sick and no one thought that I would live, my body was a rack of bones.  But with determination on my part and those caring for me, I made it, and look at me now,  As I became healthy and stronger I also found it was a lot of fun to jump on everyone and grab shirts, arms, pretty much anything that moved around me.  That has all changed!!  I am now professionally trained, Tony taught me to “leave it” when I want to grab something I shouldn’t grab. I can walk and heel, do sit and stay. (See me practicing with Anne!) You will find me to be not only handsome but one of the nicest guys there is.  Now I am looking for a home of my own and someone that will be my very best friend.  I don’t mean to be picky, but,  I would like someone that has the time for me and will continue to work with me on what I have learned, no kids please as their energy would really wind me up.  Come on in and meet me, I’ll let you know if you will be the lucky one to take me home.

If you think you might be interested in adopting, your first step should be to complete an  Adoption Application.  *After you have completed your application, you will get a confirmation that we have received your application. It takes a lot of time to process the applications, so we ask for your patience while we do so. If you see that the dog you were interested in has been adopted it means there were many applications for that dog and we did not get as far as processing your application before a home was found. We welcome you to apply again if you see another dog that interests you.   If you have a question, please email your question to It is much easier and quicker for us to respond by email as we receive many phone calls each day.

We do adopt out of state, however we do not transport or ship dogs. Potential adopter must be able and willing to travel to the Rescue to meet the dog they are interested in.

*PLEASE double check all of the phone numbers that you provide as if they are incorrect, we will be unable to process your application. Please also let your references know that someone from NCCR will be calling them. Most adoption team members call from their personal phone so advise your references that there may be an unknown number or a private number calling them.

Salvatore is kindly sponsored by Barbara Fox Nellis, Dave and Nancy Nuzzo, Lisa and Jason Weaver, Dawn Tunstall and Mark Zafuto, Barbara Nodes-Nokoski, Dawn Gillian and by Meg Thering in memory Ariel, beloved dog of Marla and Matt Abrams.

NYS Registration #RR028