Success Stories

Short Tales About Happy Tails


 Cricket was adopted in October 2019. “She is just a dream, she is a perfect fit to our family. She is still working on being friends with our cat, but we are getting there. Hopefully the picture I am attaching will let you know she is happy!”

Cricket collage


Bertie (formerly Carina) is yet another of Heaven’s beautiful puppies. She was adopted in July of 2019.  Bertie joined a family where she will never lack for a canine companion!

Carina Bertie Collage


Griffey, formerly Phoenix, is one of Heaven’s puppies.  He was adopted in June 2019.  His family says: “he’s a good boy!”

Phoenix collage


Clifford was adopted in May 2015. We have received several updates over the years and know that Clifford is doing great!  “My dog Clifford loves his forever home with us he brings me and my family so much joy.”

Clifford web


Atlas and Kona (formerly Lyra) were born at NCCR and adopted together in June 2019.  From their family: “Atlas & Kona are doing great! They are such wonderful happy babies and we love them so much!”

Atlas Kona fka Lyra


Luna (formerly Alya) was born at NCCR and was adopted in June 2019.   She is growing quickly and her family says she is doing great!

Luna fka Alya for web


After spending a very long time at NCCR, Elroy finally has a home!   He is lucky to have been chosen by a family who loves him, faults and all and is willing to be patient while he learns all the things he never was taught as a puppy. He’s obviously happy and sure does look great!


Topaz, now Zoe was adopted in April 2019.  Her family says: “she is all settled in and a beauty.  Thanks again for my beautiful girl!!”

Topaz now Zoe______________________________________________________________________

Breeze was spotted at Fredonia Farm Festival and before long she had a new home!  Breeze was adopted in August 2019.


Pixie now Florence or Flo has been happily in her new home since July 2019!

Pixie now flo______________________________________________________________________

Jeter, now Bruno was adopted In August of 2019. His family says: “We couldn’t be happier. He is super sweet and very well behaved. Everyone loves him. Even the cat! He’s very much a part of the family already.”

Jeeter now Bruno______________________________________________________________________

Happy Gotcha Day Kingsley! Kingsley (top left) is celebrating one year with her family on September 12, 2019.. All of her “siblings” are adopteds too! Her family says “Kingsley is doing great and we are very fortunate to have these dogs as part of our family”!

Kingsley gotcha day1


Happy Gotcha Day Rasmus! One year ago (May 2018)  this happy fellow (formerly Max) left for his new home. His “mom” says “Rasmus is doing great! He just had his yearly vet check-up and all is good! I cannot imagine life without Rasmus, he is my little ray of sunshine!”

Max now Rasmus2


Lucky for Oliver he had a family waiting to adopt him as soon as he came to the shelter.  “We just LOVE Oliver to pieces! He is settling in better now. Last night he played with us for the first time!  His ‘accidents’ are a lot fewer now.  He is a great dog! Thank you for allowing us to adopt him!”

OLiver Yorkie


Poor Daisy (formerly Tootsie Roll) found herself in an overcrowded shelter. Fortunately NCCR had room to take her in so she was put on a transport to NCCR. We found her to have a wonderful personality, friendly towards everyone! Daisy has been in her new home since February and her family says “She is so affectionate and easygoing, and she adores us (as we do her). I often come home from work to find her napping next to our bed, where my husband is having a snooze, with the cat perched asleep on his hip. It’s interesting to watch the relationship between Daisy and Bella (the cat) develop. Everyone (except maybe Belle just yet) is delighted.”

 Tootsie now Daisy


Hannah, now Olive is gradually adjusting to her new life. “There are so many new things for firsts for her, 
stepping in water, walking in grass, and walking in the snow. I hope she quickly forgets her life before coming to us.
We love her very, very much.  Thank you for allowing us to have his sweet little dog. I am so glad we did not purchase a dog and we have Olive.   She is a wonderful little gal.” We are so happy that you chose little Olive too!

Hanna now Olive

“Hello to the great folks at NCCR!  Maci (formerly Macy Gray)  has adjusted beautifully! She is all settled in like she has lived here for ever! She is eating and sleeping well. She and Henry our cat have already bonded. I saw them touching noses the other day!  Our grandchildren love Maci and give her lots of attention when they are here. We just love this dog and she is such a perfect fit for our family.”  Maci was adopted in January 2019

Macy Gray now Maci


“Indy (Dodge) is doing well!  Really catching on to going potty outside & even ringing the bell to go outside!  Certainly a work in progress! Indy is eating great and looks taller than he did just a few weeks ago. He LOVES everyone and thinks everyone is surely his friend (people & dogs alike).  He sleeps in his crate (in our bedroom) at night & generally wakes me once a night to go outside (to poop – still pees in the crate).  Only thing we’re struggling a bit with is the nipping/biting – those puppy teeth hurt!  Thank you, again, for choosing us for Indy – we adore him!”  Indy was adopted in April 2019.

Dodge now indy web

Indy update-9 mos______________________________________________________________________

Jack was adopted early in February 2019.   His family said, “His name is still Jack. He is very loving and sweet to all people and dogs. He has been having a great time going to the dog park and playing with the other dogs and he loves every person he has met. He is alittle stubborn so training is a little difficult but he has learned to sit very nicely, he can lay down, come to me and I have taught him to shake. He still has the puppy tendency of play biting and that is a work in progress for him as well as chewing shoes but I’m trying to redirect him with other enrichment Kong toys, treat hide and seek, tug of war, indestructible chew toys. he is doing well and we love him very much.”

Jack still Jack for album


Skylar, now Bleu, was adopted in January 2019. “Thank you for everything.  She has been great for the most part. Also, my other dog Keva and her do play rough at times but I do separate them and they are starting to understand it all. Thank you again!”

skylar collage


Angel was adopted in February 2019. Her family says: “Angel is adjusting well! She’s our newest lil spoiled baby. She’s been protective at first but good with visitors & really good with the kids I’ve babysat. She’s taken some time but adjusting to our 2 cats (she just wants to play with them usually but they don’t know that. It’s in her hound nature to want to chase lol). We can tell she didn’t see snow before she came up here, she’s not sure she’s a fan! All in all she’s just a sweetheart & we’re madly in love!”

angel collage


Born at NCCR, Nugget now Zoey was adopted in January 2019.  “She is doing well and growing fast . She is as sweet and very playful girl. She loves to boss her big brother around . I think she believes she is as big as him. She is fun to have around and gets along well so far with all other animals and loves , loves , loves people. All in all she’s doing well and we love having her as a part of our family.”

Nugget now Zoey collage


Adorable Hurley, formerly Jack was recently adopted. His family says, “He is getting tall.He sleeps and eats good.  He gets along with people, he does like to chase my 2 cats, hopefully that will settle down at some point. We are going to take him to puppy training classes after he has had all of his shots. Thanks for checking in and I would be happy to send updates and pictures as he grows.”

Jack now Hurley1


Charity, now named Lucky is the sibling of Marv below.  She sure is a beauty and doing very well in her home!

Charity now Lucky


Justice, now Marv was just a little pup when he left us.  His mom says: “He is just as sweet as ever. He loves his belly rubs, and snuggling me at any hour. He’s growing so fast!! He is also excited to finish recovery from his neutering so we can go back to day care and he can play with his friends.”

Justice now Marv1



Ollie was adopted in January 2019.  His family says “Ollie is doing great! We love having a new addition to the family. And the transition has been easier than expected. He has been amazing with the kids and they love playing fetch with him. Ollie’s dog brother, Brody tries to act like he is annoying but always is ready for a game of tug of war. We love watching them play! And my husband and I are excited that when we put the kids to bed, we each have a pup to snuggle with on the couch!”



Chloe came to NCCR at 7 years old after spending her life producing puppies to be sold by her owner. At an age no longer used for breeding,  her owner reached out to us hoping that we would be able to find her a home and we readily agreed.Chloe was adopted in May 2018. Her family says: “We just love her; she’s come a long way. She’s the lady of the house and has become quite the love of our lives. She is such a good friend and she loves people especially my 85 year old Mom. She chases the one cat once and awhile but that’s ok! She now gets overly excited when I put my sneakers on because she knows she is going for a walk. She’s so special to us; she has filled a void.”



Beautiful Belle, a young Husky/Shepherd mix came to NCCR when her family moved and didn’t take her. Adopted in November 2018, her family recently sent an update on her progress. “We started obedience classes a couple weeks ago. Belle’s picking up so quickly, she’s a natural. It’s hard to believe that she’s only been in our family just a few short months. Thank you again for all that you did for us.”

Belle adopte 11-18


Bella, formerly Chelsea, came to NCCR with a couple other dogs from an overcrowded shelter in August of 2017. She was adopted late in August 2017 and here she is, much loved by her family and now has a big canine sister Olga!

Chelsea Bella1


We are quickly approaching our 3 year anniversary of having Kylie in our lives – January 16. It is all because of you guys and the work that you do that we are able to be a family. Kylie brings us so much joy on a daily basis, we can’t remember what it was like without her in our lives. The first picture is the first night we had her back in Jan ’16 when she slept for the first time on her very own bed. The rest are more recent pictures to show how she spends her days now 🙂
She is the sweetest, gentlest, most curious mama’s girl in the whole world. She loves curling up under her blanket in front of the fire or sunbathing on the deck. She loves playing fetch with her soccer ball or any stick she can find in the yard. She loves going for rides in Dad’s truck and chasing the 4-wheeler around the yard. She is the most perfect companion we could have ever asked for – THANK YOU for bringing her into our lives.

Kylie square


It’s been a little over a year since we adopted our sweet little guy Jax, formerly Jackson (adopted in November 2017). He has been the best foster fail! He is a very smart, busy dog who loves his (and Rex’s) toys. He is always carrying them around the house and runs to get one, greeting us at the door with toy in mouth, when we come home. His favorite is a tree log with several furry squirrels stuffed inside. These are the toys that last the longest and he is on log number 3 since he became a member of the family. Jax also has some funny quirks which leave us laughing (most of the time). He gets crazy about light reflection and will pounce, chase and bark trying to catch the light. He also attacks anything that has a motor and makes a loud sound like the mixer, vaccuum or lawn mower. He is fearless and so have to move him inside or to another room for his own safety when these are in use. He and Rex are the best of buddies and they curl up together like a couple of kittens, but then can roughhouse like 2 brothers too. He also has springs on his paws and can jump very high, especially when excited. When we call him he always comes running like he is prancing, with his little ears up and alert like he’s saying, I’m coming, here I am! Jax is a sweetheart and so affectionate. He loves to be cuddled, nestled under the comforter or in a chair he has made his own, where he can curl up in a little nest of blankets he has made just to his liking. We are so lucky he chose us and just love him to pieces!

Jackson square


Willow was arrived at NCCR thin and with what looked like chemical burns on her leg and hip.  She settled in quickly and happily, her tail always wagging.  On December 22, 2018, Willow was chosen!  Her family writes: “Willow is doing great! We kept her name because she responds so well to it and we loved it! She adjusted very quickly! She now has two older “fur-brothers” Rocco and Buddy! They love pulling all there toys out as if it were Christmas everyday and playing together! She loves running around and playing until she’s worn out then cuddling up on the couch with us to watch a good movie! She sleeps like a log and has the cutest puppy snore! Willow eats right next to her brothers and has gotten over her food aggression with no issues! She is still a work in progress with potty-training, but we have full confidence she will get there! She has become such a family fixture in our home and we love her so much! I have attached a picture collage of Willow in her loving forever home! We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we truly enjoy having her as a part of our family”!


Cute and spunky little Penelope, now Penny, lost her home but by December 22, 2018, she was off to a new one. Her family says she is doing wonderfully and gets along well with her canine siblings.  “She really is a great addition with no problems with eating or sleeping. She has blessed her forever home for sure.  What a bundle of joy!

Penelope square________________________________________________________________________

Scarlet, renamed Lola was adopted on 12/22/18.  Her family says Lola is doing great. She’s eating well and loves to play. Brodie (Lola’s “brother”) who is 11, is getting there with playing!

Scarlett now Lola


Kiki was adopted in February 2016 and while the road has had some bumps, we are so thankful to her family for their patience, love and commitment for her. “Just wanted you guys to know how happy, healthy and loved Kiki is. Yes, she still has a ton of personality quirks and oddities that night have deterred most families, but we committed to her wholeheartedly, and are willing to handle her and her issues with patience and understanding and never a raised voice or hand. She has fears and idiosyncrasies no amount of love can ever completely erase but we love her through all the weirdness, maybe in part because of it. She has manners of gold, never steals food and patiently waits her turn for a biscuit. And, at the end of the day, when she climbs up in my lap (she has no idea how heavy she is) and falls asleep with such trust and abandon snoring like a buzz saw, I know all is as it should be. She and her “sister” Lilly are the best of friends who sleep side by side, and love each other so they often lick each other’s faces and even tongues! We could not be happier that we convinced you to let us bring Kiki into our lives. We could not imagine life without her, and truly believe she is where she belongs.”

Kiki frame________________________________________________________________________

Lexa (formerly Brin) was adopted in July of this year.  Her family states; “She is doing wonderful. It does feel like things are finally settling down. She is still putting on a pound a week and weighs 23 lbs.  I can’t begin to tell you what a joy she is and she is very special to everyone at our household.”

Brin now Lexa collage


Squiggy formerly Benji was adopted in July of this year.  His family says “He is doing great!! He is very busy with his brother Lenny. They love playing catch and he is a champion retriever. His legs are short enough to scoot under his brother and always brings the ball back. I just love him!! He has the sweetest personality and he is my little snugglebug!!

Benji now Squiggy collage ________________________________________________________________________

Buster, who was adopted in July of this year has been renamed Lupin!  His family says: “Lupin is doing great, we absolutely adore him!”

Buster now Lupin collage________________________________________________________________________

solomon now norman done


Jagger, a handsome German Shepherd was adopted in July 2018.  His family says,   “He’s doing very well. He loves all kids and is very attached to my husband.”  He gets excited about going for a ride.  When left home alone he has run of the house and doesn’t get into anything.



Remy was with us for quite a while as she waited to be chosen.  She was finally adopted in July 2018 and her family says: “Remy is doing amazing…she is definitely full of energy and spunk and keeps us on our toes!!!  But she’s eating with no problems and getting along with everyone in our household.  She’s the only pet so she gets plenty of love and attention!   We are going to start this week with some training of her now that it’s been 3 weeks.  We wanted her to be able to adjust before we did that…just little things like coming when called, etc. And she’s a very smart dog so I don’t anticipate any problems.”

remy done


CeCe and RJ, now Penny and Copper are growing up together  They were adopted in April 2018 (top left) and here they are in August 2018.  Their family says “Copper and Penny are doing great. They are each at about 50 pounds now (and growing!) and they are such a joy for our family. They really are amazing dogs that are so patient and gentle with the kids, yet so fun and playful, too!”

CeCE RJ now Penny and Copper


Louie done


Howie, formerly Bill, was adopted in November 2017.   Here he is enjoying a vacation in the south in August 2018.

Bill now Howie


Dutch was adopted in June 2018.  His family says, “He is doing great. He’s so good with people. He’s a loveable dog, a sweetheart.”  

Dutch still Dutch


Hustler, now Midas was adopted in July 2018.  His mom tells us, “Midas is doing great! Slowly but surely learning to hit the bell to go outside. He also gets along really well with his big brother.”

Hustler now Midas


Rocky was adopted in August 2018.  His “dad” says he’s doing great, loves to ride in the truck and to go hiking with friends.  Inside the house he’s a lap dog and loves to cuddle! 



TJ, a very handsome Collie Hound mix was adopted in April 2018.


These photos are of the day we brought Olivia (formerly Hayley) home! Her and Dazie have been inseparable since then!  She has been a wonderful new addition to our family. We are so glad you choose us to be her forever home! Olivia was adopted in July 2018.

Olivia formerly Hayley________________________________________________________________________



Sadie (formerly DeeDee), a collie mix puppy was adopted in April 2018. Her family says,”She is definitely a handful and loving life! 28.9 pounds and long legged,  all puppy!”😍

DeeDee now Sadie

Here is Sadie at 7 months now weighing 40 lbs.!

Deedee now Sadie at 7 months


Axel (formerly Cheers) was adopted in February this year. From his family: “Here is a collage of Axel! The top left is when we got him, top right is about 4 months old and the bottom two are 6 months old! He is amazingly smart and loving. He lives for running and chewing all his toys! But he is the most lovable puppy!” What a handsome boy!!

Cheers now Axel________________________________________________________________________

Ollie’s family says: “Ollie is doing so well. We love him so much.  He loves everyone and is so friendly and happy. He loves hanging out at the family cabin and loves baseball games. Next weekend we go camping so we will see how he likes that.”  Way to go Ollie, looks like you have found your forever home!

Ollie Collage


Here is another happy adoption tale from Watson’s (formerly Winchester) family. “Watson came to us in July 2017 and instantly made himself part of our little family. He loves cuddling, going on walks, watching football, and sometimes going crazy with a squeaky toy. When he loves you, you know it, because he’s so expressive with his eyes and his little noises. We couldn’t have asked for a better buddy for ourselves and for his brother, and we are so thankful to have gotten the chance to love and to earn the love of this wonderful boy.”  

watson formerly winchester


Little PJ, now Dwayne left for his new home in April 2018. His Dad says, “He’s doing great! He LOVES to sleep on his back, enjoys trying to help clean up by taking his potty pads to the front door for trash and LOVES bath time.” Sounds like Dwayne is off to a wonderful start in his new home!

PJ now Dwayne

August 2018 update! Here Dwayne is when adopted, at 3 months and at 5 months!

PJ now Dwayne August update


Roman’s new family came quite a distance to meet him. He was adopted in April 2018 and his family tells us, “Things are great with Roman!  We have kept his name and he is eating, sleeping and adjusting well.  We have no other pets so he is the king of the house and doesn’t need to share our attention with any other furry friends. While we are at work and school he has the house to himself and hasn’t had any accidents.  He is a terrific dog and just wants to be with us and be loved.”  Yay Roman!!



CINDY LOU was adopted in February 2018 after spending considerable time at NCCR raising the puppies she had shortly after her arrival.  She was a supermom and was loved by all of the volunteers.  Her new family says “She’s very lovable and great with the baby.  She loves running around like crazy in our back yard…she’s doing great!



Sparkle, now Hazel was adopted in January 2018.  Her family says, “She’s growing, but still a tiny little girl.  She has a BIG personality and is full of spunk, we adore her💓.”

Sparkle now hazel


Dante, now Nico was adopted in January 2018!

Dante now Niko3


Divvy now Davee was adopted in January 2018.  “She is doing good, very smart puppy.”

Divvy now Davee all


Journey, an Australian Shepherd mix pup, was adopted in September of 2017. Affectionately known as Journ-Journ, she’s growing up to be quite a beauty!



Emma, formerly Paris, was adopted in January 2017.  Here she (top pics) in June 2017.

Paris now emma done


Dizzy, now    was adopted in May 2017. “I’m emailing you to just say thank you for the process as a whole and how wonderful Dizzy has been. We renamed him Louie. He’s so rambunctious and lively and it’s really great to have a puppy in the house again. He brings us a lot of joy. Adopting from you guys was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Once again, thank you so much.”

Dizzy done


Zoey is a wonderful addition to the family.  She is spunky, loving and so much fun to be around. Happy that she found her forever home with us!  Zoey, Duke and Oreo are best friends. I want to thank NCCR for our new best friend, she will never need or want for anything. Spoiled rotten!😆

zoey collage


In the fall of 2015, little Mater, formerly Buckwheat, didn’t spend much time at the Rescue before he was scooped up and taken to his new home. Now and Indiana resident, Mater is well loved by his family. “The whole family and friends group love him. He has won us over for sure.  I’m so thankful that I was referred to  your shelter!”

Buckweat now mater


Back in 2011, Gideon, a rough around the edges kind of guy, landed on our doorstep.  How lucky for him that someone saw all the potential he had just lurking below the surface.  His “mom”  tells us that Giddy is doing so well. “He’s my best friend in the whole world… Goes everywhere he can with me; hiking, camping, horseback riding, road trips, you name it and if he’s allowed he goes. He truly is the best dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of having and gives me more love than I can imagine. I’m so lucky to have him. He’s definitely a special boy!!!”

Gideon collage


Tasker (now Ruger) was just a pup when adopted in February, 2014. The family had been looking for a dog for a long time and weren’t sure they wanted a puppy but….”We have to tell you, this pup is not only cute, but he’s super smart, and he has the nicest disposition. He’s very protective of our home and especially Michael. He is just the absolute best fit for our family. He got bigger than we thought he would, we spent a small fortune in jackets and training crates that he grew out of, but now at a year and a half old we don’t have to crate him anymore. He’s such a good boy, causes no trouble at all!

Tasker aka Ruger


Rocky a hearing impaired adult Lab came to NCCR when the shelter he was at ran out of space. A wonderful family had been waiting for just the right dog to mend their hearts after losing their two Senior dogs who were also former NCCR residents.  Rocky’s lack of hearing hasn’t kept him from enjoying all of the family activities.  His “dad” says,  “He is a true blessing for our family. He is definitely my dog.  He goes with me everywhere and never leaves my side.”  rocky adopted___________________________________________________________________________

Doolittle, now Baxter, arrived at NCCR as a stray. This poor boy had been terribly neglected and was definitely in need of medical care and lots of TLC;  he landed at the right place for that. It took him many weeks to get back on his feet, but little did he know that as he was recovering, he already had the possibility for a wonderful home.  Now in that home, Baxter’s family says: “He is just the absolute sweetest boy. He moved right into my house and immediately acted like he’s always there – no transition issues at all. Everyone loves him! Thanks for bringing us together!” And our thanks to Baxter’s “mom”, for giving this senior fellow the amazing life he deserves!

Doolittle new


Hagar was just a pup when adopted in the summer of 2013. He’s all grown up and here he is, showing two of the fosters that his family cares for, how things work in his home!



Ty now HenryWhen Ty came to NCCR shortly after the first of thisyear, it was apparent he hadn’t been well cared for, but that’s all changed now!  His new family tells us- “Ty” or now Henry or Gus (he is slowly revealing his personality to us, so we are undecided about his name), has fit in just perfectly in our home.  He has a very playful, sweet spirit and is quite the little character.  We are still working on some of his inside skills (namely, potty breaks), but it took our other beagle rescue, Sherman, a few weeks to get the routine down, so we are confident Henry will eventually figure it out.  He loves to go for rides and often rides in the co-pilot seat.  He has a great appetite!  Thank you for all the wonderful things you guys do at your rescue.  We are so happy to have “Henry” or “Gus” in our pack!”


HerculesHercules was just a pup when adopted in October 2014. His family says: Hercules is doing great!! He’s such a good boy! We kept the name he responded so well & I didn’t want to confuse the poor guy. The Vet said he’s most likely done growing and weighs 37 pounds. He’s completely house broken & can sit, lay down, shake, speak & roll over. He loves the snow. He pounces right into it & hops through my footprints lol. It’s so cute. (March 2015)



From Harvey’s new family:
Just wanted to send some pictures of Harvey since he’s been adopted. We absolutely love him and he fits right into our family. His sister Zoey absolutely loves him too. Thank you again! (March 2015)