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Another Lily from the Digger Dozen!

Janna, now Lily was adopted in December 2019. Her family reports that she and their cat have become best friends!

Lily from the Digger Dozen

Lily, formerly Jessa (her mom was Lotus) was adopted in November: “Lily is doing great and has completely settled in. She loves being and playing with my other dog. She is very playful and loves to snuggle. Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Lily (Jessa) home.”

Bentley (Ken)

Ken now BentleyIt’s often a guessing game when puppies arrive at the Rescue as to their breeds.   The mom to Bentley here (formerly Ken) looked like a Carolina Dog (beautiful Penny who was featured in our 2020 calendar). And then the puppies had cute little boxer muzzles…well, here are the results!

Bentley’s family writes: “He’s doing great by the way.  Loves his big “sister” and enjoys being king of the house!”

Bentley was adopted in May 2019.


Freckles squareFreckles came to NCCR from an overcrowded shelter; he was adopted quickly, but returned a couple months later as he became overly protective of his “mom”.  Happily, he was readopted, and he’s still working on his people skills.  He gets along great with his “sister” Emma, even steals her little bed! His family says: “Freckles is so fast. We have a good time outside keeps me moving . He also ♥️ going for rides in the big semi. He’s learning to catch, lie down, off (the furniture) and so much more. ❣️”

Freckles was readopted in December 2019.

Little Pippa

Harper PippaHarper, now Pippa arrived at NCCR with her mom and siblings when she was 7 weeks old.  From her family: I’ve attached a few pictures of Pippa for your website. One picture is of Pippa and her “big sister” Rosie. They are getting along great! When we brought Pippa home, she would sit and fall asleep on your shoulder! She’s gotten a little bigger, but still thinks she can sit on my shoulder! Pippa is a wonderful dog and we are so happy we decided to adopt her!

Pippa was adopted in October 2019.


Chad now smokey squareSmokey (formerly Chad) was adopted in September of 2019.   He is now six months old and weighs 35 pounds!

Macy (formerly Daisy)

Daisy now macy“Macy is doing great and enjoys her big puppy brothers. Her best friend is her 3 year old puppy cousin, probably because they have the same energy level. She loves to snuggle and is always looking for love and affection. We can’t thank you guys enough for allowing us to bring Macy (Daisy) into our home. She is so loving and fits right in. She loves to snuggle with all of us and brings us so much joy. We are so happy that we could give her a loving home that she deserves.”
(Macy was adopted in December 2019)


Ella and Blu

Eden now Ella and BluLittle Ella (formerly Eden) was adopted in October 2019. She joined brother Blu who was adopted from NCCR in 2017.  She settled in nicely, has graduated from puppy classes and loves the resident cat!

Pretty Penny

Penny squarePenny arrived at NCCR on 10/12/19 from an overcrowded shelter where her time had run out. She is a spayed female, thought to be around 6-8 years old.  Penny was adopted in December 2019.  “We kept her name the same. She eats and sleeps good and lets us know when she has to go outside. We are working on a few bad habits she has, like jumping up on the counter, getting into the recycle bin and snapping at the other dogs when she is near one of us and she doesn’t want the other dog to be with us too (She is getting much better with this and realizing we love on her just as much as the other dogs). She is also learning to stay standing when we put her coat on, she would always lay down and roll on her back, lol. Other then that she is sweet, loves to cuddle and go for walks where she catches every scent out there. She loves car rides  We actually think she is more Pointer then Dalmatian!”

Lilly (formerly Lunar) has a new life!

Lunar Lilly squareLittle Lunar came from a home with too many pets.  She was really shy when she first arrived at NCCR, but gradually came out of her shell.  From her family: “We changed her name to Lilly and she responds well to her name change. She eats well, sleeps well, is pretty much house trained she had a few accidents at first but expected.  Lilly is very alert when she sees another dog or cat loves to run from bedroom to kitchen. Me and my wife love her very much,  she fills the emptiness we had after losing our dog in October.  Thank you!”

Lily was adopted in December 2019.