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Handsome Reggie is part of the “R” litter! “Reggie is doing great. He had his vet appointment last Tuesday and is already 13.5 pounds. He is eating well and hasn’t had any accidents in the house for two days! He is eager to be best friends with our 9 year old weimaraner, and they are slowly learning to get to know each other. My weim (Sydney) has been the only child, so he is a little jelly 😁. Reggie learned to sit and we are working on come. He is also learning to be in his crate a little each day. We love him so much.”

Reggie was adopted in December 2020.

Henry (Spot)

This adorable little guy has been enjoying life with his family for the last few years! “Henry makes us smile all the time. He’s a blast and so good! Does bark at the mailman but what do you want, he’s a terrier!  
Happy new year and stay healthy!”

Henry was adopted in April 2017.

Rogers (Rusty)

This handsome fellow is from the “R” litter! “Rusty, now Rogers, is doing great! He’s eating and sleeping well, and adjusting to the sounds and smells of big city living. While he’s not regularly letting me know when he needs to go out, we’re on a good schedule and he hasn’t relieved him indoors in almost a week. He is a very curious, and easily distracted, puppy. He was very good with my nieces (aged 3 and 5) over Christmas but still learning to enjoy the outdoors and how to “play nice” with other dogs. He’s got “sit”, “wait”, and “lay down” down pat. We’re working on “paw/shake,” and “walk nice” for leashing training now. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I’d be happy to keep you all updated on his progress! 

Rogers was adopted in December 2020.


We did keep Mace’s name. It suits him quite well, we think. He transitioned into our family with ease and has done very well with his dog siblings. He has eaten all of his meals and has shown zero food aggression. He met our two year old neice and displayed an instant connection with her. When she visits he is all about taking care of her. House training has not been an issue as he has had zero accidents and sits by the door when he wants to go out to play. We have been able to start off leash training in our backyard and he has done a fantastic job. He will be starting at our local dog school (Obedience Training) though, I don’t think it will take him long to excel. He has become such an important part of our family in such a short amount of time and we could not be happier that we were chosen to be his forever family.”

Mace was adopted in December 2020.

Lola (Nova)

From the beautiful “N” litter! “All’s well here!! She’s a sassy love!!!!
Happy New Year!!”

Lola was adopted in October 2020.

Arya (Ritz)

Arya is one of the “R” litter pups! “We have renamed the puppy. Her name is Arya and she is doing well. She picked up the outside pottying very easily and just has an occasional accident. She plays fetch and can do simple commands like sit, paw, lay down. She eats well and loves her chew toys. She loves her crate and will often go in to snooze on her own. We have a cat and they are warming up. I wouldn’t say they are friends yet but they to interact and tolerate each other.”

Arya was adopted in December 2020.

Riley (Clyde)

Clyde  has a new name Riley. He seems to be adjusting very well, Riley let’s me know when he has to go out, he doesn’t like getting his feet wet, I tried putting a sweater on him when he goes out for walks, but he doesn’t like that at all! Loves to play ball with me, it’s also good exercise for him. Riley likes to sit on my lap at night and chills out. He loves people especially anyone who will play with him and give him attention. I think he’ll be very happy here with me, I know he makes me happy and I love having him here as part of my family.

Riley was adopted in December 2020.


We brought Jaxson home just over two weeks and everything is going great so far! We kept his name as he seemed to respond really well to it. We had a scare the day after we brought him home. He had a severe allergic reaction to something and we ended up at the emergency vet in Orchard Park. We never did find out what caused the reaction but we’re lucky that he ended up being ok! Within a few days of being in our home, his appetite came back and his sweet puppy personality has come out in full force. He loves to play with his toys, to fetch balls or sticks, and run around the yard with our kids. He loves to be outside and had a great time with the kids in the snow at Christmas.

Jaxson and our senior lab, Ebony, adjusted quickly to each other. Ebony is blind, and all he wants to do is play with her. He tries often to engage her to play and she just likes to sleep. The two are funny together, she’s an 85lb lab who walks under him and he walks over her! Jaxson finds our cat fun to chase and the cat finds him interesting but puppy crazy, though the cat comes around often to sniff Jaxson out when he’s sleeping. I see them developing a relationship over time.

Jaxson was very sweet to the couple of family members he met over Christmas at our house. We have started training and Jaxson is doing well with basic commands like sit, stay, heel and go to bed at night.

Overall, we’re very happy with Jaxson and feel very lucky to have found him at NCCR!

Jaxson was adopted in December 2020.

Phoebe (Neriah)

Phoebe formerly Neriah, is a cute pup from the “N” litter! “We all are doing well. Phoebe Is a quick learner. She fits right in. Stedman and her play well together. We love her to death.  Happy New Years!”

Phoebe was adopted in October 2020.