Moe, now Alfie, celebrates his 1st “Gotcha Day”! Alfie arrived at NCCR with two siblings-they had run away from one Amish home to another and that family contact the DCO to get them into a Rescue. “Alfie has settled in very well, everyone in my neighborhood loves him. He loves meeting all 🐕 and people. Fetching is a serious pastime,a ball or a toy doesn’t matter. The most recent change is that he is comfortable being in another room by himself, even another floor. When Alfie first came home 🏡,he was stuck by my side. We are able to walk for around an hour or more daily, which he loves,he wants to enter canine olympics in squirrel and 🦌 deer chasing.” Way to go Alfie, we’re so happy for you!

Alfie was adopted in December 2019.