Arthur arrived at NCCR on March 28, 2019 after being found as a stray when he probably wasn’t even a year old yet. He tried out a home or two during his year long stay, but he proved to be a bit much for those adopters and in need of strong leaders. We are so happy that he has found those leaders and is in his forever home! “Arthur is doing wonderful! We did not change his name. He loves all people, kids and dogs. He has adjusted very well in our home. He sleeps well, has a good appetite (he loves sardines) and loves to play. He has had one potty accident in our house a few days after we took him home,  and not one since. We purchased a crate for him prior to picking him up, but, we haven’t needed it at all. He is a very smart dog and understands what  “No” means.  One thing I do wonder about is when we take him for walks and he sees other dogs and can’t get close to them, he cries. It breaks my heart and I have been trying to take routes on our walks where I know other dogs will be, so he can see them or even play with them for a few minutes.  We are so grateful we found Arthur. I can’t believe he lived at the shelter for a year. He is such a blessing to us.  I hope this finds you and all the other NCCR volunteers healthy and well. Thank you for all that you do.” 

Arthur was adopted on April 2, 2020.