Barry (formerly Jordan) came to NCCR from an over crowded shelter and was quickly adopted! “Barry is in the process of being house trained. He doesn’t deliberately go in the house, it is more the occasional accident when we don’t see the signs he has to go out. Logan and Barry get along great. They like to wrestle and Logan is very gentle with him. Logan will also put him in his place when he over steps his bounds.  A week ago I was watching TV and Logan was in the dining room snoozing. All of a sudden I heard that deep growl and bark . When I went to go check, he was still laying there and bag of bread was on the floor next to him. Apparently Barry decided to go counter surfing and grabbed the bag and Logan hollered at him. He dropped it and ran into the other room and played innocent.  Another happy story for you!” See the two of them at play!

Barry was adopted in April 2020.