Sweet Bonni arrived at NCCR with just a few days to spare before her puppies arrived. She had 3 beautiful puppies; she and the pups have all found homes! “Bonni has been all-around wonderful and easy. She came to me fully house-trained and — miracle of miracles! — already knowing how to walk on a leash. We walk 3 to 5 miles together every day and both enjoy this very much. She greets all people sweetly and politely. She also was on A+ behavior for her vet checkup this morning. Every time we come home from anywhere, she takes a flying leap into her extra-puffy dog bed–it seems like she considers it the proof that she is really, really home. I haven’t changed her name, but she seems to prefer being called Bonbon. Probably because she is double-plus sweet.”

Bonni was adopted in April 2020.