Finnian fka Cubby came to us from a cruelty case along with two other Samoyeds. The poor dogs had improper care and lived outside in filth. “Finnian has been unwinding more in the past week. He’s shown zero interest in any toys thus far, but has started some indications of play – exuberant and jumpy. He’s continued to eat well. Breakfast usually doesn’t get finished right away, and he seems to think there’s never enough dinner. The first time out of the van, all he wanted to do was sit in snow and eat it. We put a water dish out, and he would ignore it in preference of snow. It’s still something he does on snowy walks – grab mouthfuls along the way.

We’re happy to have him in our home. All family who’ve met him love him, and the vets say he takes anything they’ve needed to do very well. Other than getting on the scale – that takes some convincing.

Finnian was adopted in February 2020.