Ginger is a 2 1/2 year old Lab mix. She arrived at NCCR on June 6, 2020. She was basically an untrained puppy with oodles of energy. On top of that she was one headstrong girl and was adopted and returned twice. She was in need of consistent training and to learn what was expected of her and she finally found the right home! “Ginger (aka Gigi for short) is doing great. She is adjusting well. She is still adjusting to noises in the area, trucks, emergency vehicles sirens when on her walks. We live on a quiet street so she has not bothered on the street until Fedex or UPS comes down then she perks up. She has gone to a couple training sessions with Carly from Chautauqua dogs. She is doing better with her arousal biting. Gigi does not like other dogs while on our walks. I have not introduced her to my family’s dogs yet, I wanted to really understand her behaviors first. Gigi is so happy and does excellent while I’m at work, she is not crated anymore. I am so happy that I adopted her!”

“Enjoying my new life and new year!  Sending my love – Ginger aka Gigi”

Ginger/Gigi was adopted in November 2020.