Hazel came to NCCR from an overcrowded shelter. She needed a family who would see to it that she got plenty of exercise and just general training. From her family: “She’s adjusting really well here, she gets a little nervous around new people, but it takes a few treats and she warms up to them. She is still nervous around my husband still, but he is giving her treats and doing what the dog trainer tells us. Hazel is really fond of my daughter who is around her the most. She follows her around everywhere. My daughter, taught her how to sit, lay down and handshake. The housetraining is still a work in progress, she still has accidents sometimes but we are working on her alerting us when she needs to go. She sleeps in her crate and sleeps most nights all the way through. We really love having Hazel in our home, we are so grateful to have this opportunity to give her the best life possible. She is honestly the sweetest, silliest dog who loves to cuddle, go for car rides or running around the yard. Hazel is an absolute joy to have around and we love her so much!

Hazel was adopted in September 2020.