Hi, my name is Mindy…at least it has been for the last year. Before I was adopted into my forever Mindy3home, I had two different names. My adoptive mom changed my name because it was the same as her grandson’s. I didn’t mind-I think she could have called me anything because I was so happy to be with her!

My start in life was rather horrible. I was kenned in an outdoor fenced in kennel (with a dog house), day and night, year round. No one really knows how badly I was treated, but to this day I am very anxious when anyone comes to visit; I especially don’t like men. I was rescued by the authorities because a wonderful woman saw what was happening with me and reported it to animal control. I ended up at Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue and boy, was I ever glad to be inside and with people who paid attention to me.

Mindys momI now live in a nice, warm home with my new “mother”. She spoils me terribly, but I love it. I love laying on the back of the couch and looking out the window. It’s wonderful when the sun comes up so I usually take a little nap while ling there. My new “mom” and I are together a lot as she is retired. She is a very busy person, but I always know she is coming back because she says “I’ll be right back. You be a good girl and we’ll play when I get home”. I love to go riding, so she will take me with her whenever possible.

I have a wonderful yard to run in, I have never known such freedom. I love to chase the ball and I play with my toys a lot. When it’s time for bed, we both snuggle down in the covers. When it’s cool, I even crawl under the bedspread. Boy is it ever comfy!

I just hope every dog, big or little, can find a wonderful “forever” home like I have to live out their life. I feel that I am a very lucky little Beagle!