A very obese Molly arrived at NCCR on 4/28/20, rescued after being abandoned in a vacant apartment, where a concerned neighbor had been feeding her through a window. Fast forward to September, her adopter writes: “Just thought I’d send a quick note.  We just got back from a vet visit.  At her first visit Molly weighed 47.6 pounds with an ideal weight of 34.0.  Today she weighs 37.6 pounds.  When she is outside on the rope she will try jump up to get the squirrels and will actually get off the ground.  Of course they know to be at least a nose & a half higher.  When she catches a scent she will try to run after it, at least as much as I’ll let her with my 30 foot line.  I don’t dare walk her without one.  She can also jump up on my bed now, something she couldn’t do before.  She can be a blanket hog but we work it out.  Thanks again for everything.” 

Keep at it Molly, you are looking great!

Molly was adopted in May 2020.