“We decided to change Norman’s name to Oliver. He seemed to respond better when we called him that and he’s learned his named pretty quick. The first few days he was pretty quiet, nervous, and timid. But after about a week he started to show his personality off by being more playful with me, started playing with his toys more, cuddling much more, and started to bark at the neighbors some when they walk by, slowly getting out of that habit. He’s full of energy and gets along with all the other dogs he has met around the complex. Probably his favorite thing to do is try to catch the squirrels and chase away robins. He has become much better at being on a leash and never seems to tire out, we go on about a 2 mile walk every night and he probably could go many more miles. He has had a few accidents early on but I have learned his tendencies to when he needs to go out and he’s getting much better at letting me know and the accidents haven’t been for over a week. He’s adjusted rather well and definitely has made himself at home quick. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog.”

Oliver was adopted in April 2020.