man haters-smUpdate:   Max has been adopted, but Peaches is still waiting!!

Every now and then we get little dogs in that for some reason have personalities that do not fit into every home. Such is the case of Peaches and Max.  We have to assume that at some time in their lives they had a bad experience with men.  Peaches is a very cute pug mix that absolutely has no use for men, she is great with women and would be a really nice little companion as long as there were no men that came to the house, or could be put in another room if they did visit. Max, also a “man hater” can become extremely possessive of his owner and home so he would love a home with a single gal.  We know that he was dumped off, in terrible shape, so life has not been very good to him. It’s a tall order for this guy but with some work he could be a best friend for someone.