Piper, an 8 month old Great Dane/Lab mix was pulled from an overcrowded shelter to give her another chance. “Piper is a wonderful dog and is doing great. She is such a goof ball! She reminds me why I love Great Danes so much. She is definitely a puppy yet and sure does get wound up at times! She gets along good with the other dogs. My old greyhound was snippy with her at first but I knew that she would be. Piper is so laid back though that when Myra snipped at her she just gave a look like “Whoa! Better stay away!”. Myra almost acts like she likes Piper now though. Piper does good with the farm animals and doesn’t bother the chickens. She isn’t too sure of the cows though. House breaking has been going good. We have had some accidents but that was to be expected. I sure am glad that we were able to adopt her. Thanks for all the help. I hope all is well at the rescue.

Piper was adopted in March 2020.