This handsome fellow is from the “R” litter! “Rusty, now Rogers, is doing great! He’s eating and sleeping well, and adjusting to the sounds and smells of big city living. While he’s not regularly letting me know when he needs to go out, we’re on a good schedule and he hasn’t relieved him indoors in almost a week. He is a very curious, and easily distracted, puppy. He was very good with my nieces (aged 3 and 5) over Christmas but still learning to enjoy the outdoors and how to “play nice” with other dogs. He’s got “sit”, “wait”, and “lay down” down pat. We’re working on “paw/shake,” and “walk nice” for leashing training now. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I’d be happy to keep you all updated on his progress! 

Rogers was adopted in December 2020.