Hi Folks,

Sammi waitingI’m Sammi, not your everyday average coonhound I might add.  I am a very special girl that has a story,  I can’t tell you all of it,  some of my past I’d rather forget.  I ended up as a stray, basically a  feral dog that found what I discovered to be a safe place after months of wandering.  Gus, the mastiff, that was badly injured in an accident, and I met , and well, the truth is, I ended up having 8 adorable puppies!!  But, to back up a bit, during the time I was carrying these pups, I wouldn’t let anyone touch me, and they used all kinds of tactics to catch me and I could stay a step ahead of them until I was outsmarted and ended up in a crate and taken to NCCR two  days before the pups were born. I was so afraid of everything and everyone, I wouldn’t let anybody near me or my puppies. As time went by and I watched the volunteers come in to my room and feed me and get me out and not hurt my babies, I begin to think maybe they aren’t so bad after all.  I now can let them put a leash on me and take me for walks, which I love, I play with a friend in the yard and I have moved into the big room with the other residents here.   I’ve been spayed and vaccinated, so I’m now ready for a home!

I don’t think I have ever lived in a house as every new noise is a bit unnerving and yet I seem to be houseSammi and Lucy1 trained so that I can be a polite member of the family. I’ll tell you what I am looking for.  First off, someone that is very patient, I love patience, and it gets you everything.  I want a playful dog and a fenced yard, these are a must as I know that given the chance I would wander and probably be hard to for you to catch. I need someone that would be willing to start coming in and taking me for walks and spend time with me with your other dog before you take me home. I am very agile and can land on the table or the counter with ease, but I am also very smart so I would quickly learn not to do these things.

Sammi faceI’ll bet you’re wondering, “so, what do I get in return for all of this”?   I have the biggest brown eyes that when I look at you, will melt your heart and soul. I will learn to trust and in time you will have a friend for life, I will be a faithful companion that will walk by your side and when you call “Sammi”, I will be right there.

Do I sound like someone you are willing to give a chance to?  Love doesn’t always come easy, I have learned this.

By the way, I love chicken!!!



See Sammi’s video here: