Little Sassy Sadie came to NCCR with two other Pomeranians, most likely from a backyard breeding situation. “‘SassySadie is doing great. She’s playful, fun-loving, sweet and good-natured, definitely wants to be included in everything and DOESN’T like to be left out of activities.

We’ve worked on completing house-training plus getting her used to the great outdoors. We call her SassySadie and mostly Sadie – she’s not really very sassy until she’s left alone. We’re working on not barking so much then – that can be a problem at times. She is suspicious of children and, not surprisingly, of certain folks she doesn’t know but we’re patient with that. She’s a willing participant in everything we do, even loving to go in stores and places in her shoulder carry bag that I use sometimes. It was actually amazing how well she fit into our household after the first 48 hours of snoozing that she did. She’s a sweetheart and we’re glad she’s with us!” Thanks, NCCR!”