Volunteers are the very heart and soul of NCCR.  Without everyone’s efforts we would not be able to care for 200-300 dogs each year.  Each month we feature one of our great volunteers and this month it is Lynn Marie Schroeder.  If you have a few hours a week to spare, come and join the great team at NCCR! Your contribution of time can make a huge impact of the lives of the dogs in the care of NCCR.  Fill out a volunteer application today!     Volunteer Application

IM000837.JPGI have always been an animal lover, and knew there was a soul behind their eyes. Compassion for every stray I saw, and wanting to shelter and give them love. The chance came to do just that about 8 years ago when I visited NCCR with my mom as she wanted to adopt a friend. From the moment I walked into the building, the feeling of love, compassion, friendship & common goal drew me to apply to volunteer. I started out with a 2 day morning shift of feed,water,walk,play,love.I had to scale back a bit and help with events and sponsorships, but always found time to enter each kennel and love up a furbaby. Nothing is more beautiful to see that scared,confused dog crawl into your lap, trying to trust again in a human. I have fostered over the years, litters of puppies ( I love puppy breath)  terrified puppy mill dogs, abused dogs and dogs dropped off because they aren’t wanted any longer. Watching their transformation into happy, playful, smiling, devoted creatures is wonderful for my soul, not to mention theirs.
Then there is the friendships of my fellow rescuers. We keep each other going when it gets rough, laugh at ourselves and our charges, and share our devotion to help these amazing creatures. I treasure these wonderful people I consider my friends. LM


When people learn that I volunteer, I hear the same old ” I could never do that I would bring them all home”  That was me,I thought that way…but that changed when I held my first little terrified furbaby, I knew I was making a difference in their lives without bringing them all home. And this is why I volunteer.