Do you have a love for animals and have a few hours a week to spare?  Opportunities are available from hands on care, fundraising events, grant writing to foster care and so much more.  Your contribution of time can make a huge impact of the lives of the dogs in the care of NCCR.  Volunteers are the very heart and soul of NCCR and without everyone’s efforts we would not be able to care for 200-300 dogs that we do each year.Fill out a volunteer application today!     Volunteer Application

This month we are featuring two of our amazing volunteers, Steve and Linda Douglas. There is no job too big or too small for Steve and Linda and we are so grateful to have them on the NCCR team!

Turner and familyIn 2009¸ Steve and I were looking for a dog to adopt as a companion for our Princess, a Pomeranian/Corgi mix. We searched rescue websites, visited the Chautauqua County Humane Society, the Erie County SPCA and others, looking for just the right “small” dog. I saw a Rottweiler, Turner, on the Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue website that stuck in my mind. Over and over I returned to the website to look at him. Steve reminded me that we were looking for a small dog. I just couldn’t get Turner out of my mind. I decided to go to NCCR to meet him. That meeting and several more changed our lives. Turner became a part of our family shortly after.

What I saw at NCCR really struck me. Everyone that I met and talked to there was so kind and caring. It was obvious that they cared about each and every dog and wanted the right homes for each of them. The kennels were all clean and were individualized to meet the particular dog’s needs and likes. All had kuranda beds; some had hard toys; some had stuffed toys, some had a blanket; some had more than one.

I sent regular updates to NCCR on Turner’s progress and new life. Sadly, Turner was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and that news was shared with NCCR.The support from everyone at NCCR meant so much to us. We lost Turner to cancer in October of 2011. Sympathy cards came from NCCR that touched our hearts.

steve-sAfter losing Turner, we wanted to give back to NCCR by volunteering our time. We began working the Friday night shift and still are now. We also help at events, such as spaghetti dinners, the Fredonia Farm Festival, Tractor Supply pet events, Westfield rabies clinics and other events promoting and benefiting the dogs of NCCR. Steve has worn a dog costume in the Mayville parade and at Trunk or Treat in Jamestown this past Halloween. We have fostered, too. Every time a dog is adopted, we know that we’ve been a part of helping that dog and it’s a good feeling.

In 2012, we learned of rescue transports. Groups/teams of drivers all across the country drive “legs” of relay teams, transporting dogs from kill shelters to rescues, foster homes and even to forever homes. We became a part of many of these teams and drive almost every weekend. Sometimes we drive one dog; sometimes we drive several. Our transports average 50 miles. We meet other drivers who hand off dogs to us, then drive those dogs to a meeting place where we hand them off to the next drivers. We are helping to save lives of dogs that otherwise may have been lost.

Linda Mickey s


Through NCCR and transporting, we have met many new friends and are a part of changing the lives of many, many dogs. It all started with Turner!

~Linda Douglas