Adopt, don’t shop and this is why…

Have you ever wandered through one of the pet stores and  played with or laughed at the adorable little puppies in their cages?  Most of these puppies carry a horrendous story with them. Most are puppy mill dogs. The term seems harmless but behind the scene lies a horror story. The parents of these pups are kept in cages 24/7; their only purpose in life is to produce puppies to be sold.  The cages are small and dirty, there is no play time, nor is there any time to live in a home and learn what it is like to be loved. Typically, they are little money machines and when the owner deems that the parent either is to old, or not capable of carrying a litter of pups, they are destroyed.  Any puppy that is not what the owner deems as “perfect” is also killed.  Many of these pups have minor problems that can easily be remedied or they are able to live a long and happy life with a “handicap”

NCCR has just joined with a puppy mill rescue team that is working with vets in Ohio to change the plight of some of these dogs and puppies. The “millers” have agreed to bring in the dogs no longer considered useful or puppies born with defects instead of killing them. They are then checked for health problems, spayed/neutered and any fixable defect is repaired.

shippooLittle Libby is one example of a puppy that would never have been able to live her life if not for rescue. She was born with one eye that is smaller then the other and there is no sight in it. She deserves a full life filled with love and being sightless in one eye is not going to change her lifestyle at all.  The adult dogs are nervous of all new things and have to learn what it is like to live in a home, learn house training, they have never seen stairs or know what it is like to walk on a leash or curl up in someones lap. They do come around and their lives are changed forever. If you recently adopted an adult dog or have had a dog for several years, training is possible, read here how to train your dog with the help of Off Leash K9 Phoenix trainers.

These dogs and pups have to go into a foster home instead of the shelter to begin acclimating to life outside of a cage. If you are interested in making life better for one of these furkids by fostering please contact us. A few hours spent can make all the difference in the world to one of these pups and in the process can melt your heart.