Abby, a Border Collie mix, was surrendered by her family in 2019 as they did not have the time to devote to her that she needed. She was only a year old and had a lot of energy to burn. Abby spent about 4 months at NCCR; she had been waiting for a family that understood what her needs were and she found it! “It’s crazy to think it’s been only a year since we adopted Abby! Now that we have her, we can’t ever picture our lives without her. She has an extremely quirky and sweet personality, and we have loved every minute spoiling her and her dog brothers. She loves to chase the ball, stare at you while standing in front of the TV (haha!), and just being with her dog and human family. We love Abby, and we love NCCR!”

Abby was adopted in August, 2019.