Beautiful Laika wasn’t at NCCR very long before she found a new home. From her family: “Thanks for checking in, it really shows that you care about the animals! Gina wasn’t responding to her name very well so I changed her name to Laika. She’s named after the first animal in space which is a story I find myself telling much too often now! She was understandably a little nervous for the first few weeks but has really been coming into herself lately! She seems to have adapted to the new routine pretty well! She has been great with other dogs and other people and has been a great walking buddy for me! I can hardly make it a block without someone stopping me and telling me how beautiful she is. this makes a short walk into a long one!

I would like to thank NCCR for everything they are doing for both the dogs, and for the adopters. You are running a fine organization and have brought a lot of happiness to myself and for everyone else that steps into my home.  Keep up the good work!”

Laika was adopted in August 2020.