March 7th update from Bretta:  
Hi, remember me Bretta, the Puppy Mill Dog? Well, I have been with my foster family for a few months now, and I am loving life. My foster mommy and her canine pack have been helping me to overcome my past. My mom says I have made remarkable progress. She loves when I wiggle my whole body and go “woo-woo” when she comes in the door. Also, watching me play with toys, snuggling up to one of my canine friends to sleep. And enjoying a slow but sure leash walk in the yard. I still need a lot of TLC and patience, but I will be the love of your life I promise!
Here is my wish list for a home:
A couple of canine friends ( as I depend on them for comfort and direction)
A quiet home (as loud noises startle me)
Older children (see above)
A couch to snuggle on with or without you
A bed to sleep with you and my canine companions on (I don’t take up much room)
Cookies! Upon returning from doing potty outside
Patience while I continue to work on my leash walking
A comfy bed when I need my own space
Riding on your lap in the car until I become more accustom car rides.
Patience, Patience, Patience!
Love, Love,Love!

Love, Bretta

February 26th update from Bretta’s foster mom: 🐾 It has been an exciting week.Bretta has learned to drink from a bowl with the use of some strategically placed floating hot dogs. Yay! She has learned the fine art of making “land mines” outside from my wonderful pack 💩 Also, when I call her to come in she will run up to me with a little tag wag within two feet from me, then rethink the situation. Baby steps…Since the potty thing is under control she is now invited to sleep in an already overcrowded bed. Well yesterday morning I reach over to pet her and she rolls over for a belly rub, intentional or not, I’ll take it! Last night very funny, while on the couch, she is sitting on one side of me in my arm. Tessa my terrorist comes up ( with a little assistance as she’s a chuncky chick) and cuddles in in my other arm, surprise, surprise doesn’t our sweet little Bretta growl at her not once but twice! I then explained to her this is not acceptable, we are all friends here. ( mind you Tessa never really got this concept) but has not once given Bretta a bit of her wrath.
So in closing our girl Bretta has attitude! 

Meet Bretta the second puppy mill dog that we has recently come to NCCR.   She is so fortunate to have been taken in to foster care by one of our volunteers and here is what she has to say about Bretta. “She is about 3 years old, remarkably in good shape physically, but mentally, very sad. When you touch her she stiffens to “lawn ornament” status. Legs straight out, no movement what so ever. Loud noises scare her, she doesn’t know what love is, soft touches, grass, blankets, soft dog beds, toys, play, car rides, walks, treats, among other things we would afford our own pets. She doesn’t even know how to drink water from a bowl ( as they give them rabbit bottles to drink from) and thanks to for providing all the accessories along with her beautiful home. The law says they can put 3 to 4 dogs in a wire cage 4×2 just high enough for them to stand. A male is thrown in, they mate, puppies born in this cage, taken away too soon, and sold to pet stores or ads in papers or Craig’s list. You’ll never meet these people at their homes, usually at a parking lot. When these mama’s are used up they are either disposed of or sent to auction. When a puppy mill is raided, the conditions are deplorable, dogs covered in feces, fleas, ticks, have parasites, rotted teeth, open sores, matted fur, eye infections, problems with their feet due to years on the wire cage floors, among many other untreated ailments. Many of these dogs suffer in pain. The back yards of these mills are grave dumps for these used up poor souls.”

Bretta is a lucky girl, she will with love and patience overcome her ordeal. She will need a kind and patient family once she is ready for adoption.