Buster has made his way to NCCR from the reservation where it appears that he has lived his entire 5 years outside on a chain. Sadly, he suffered with fly bites on his ears and eye infections. Everything was new to Buster. We hoped he would find a wonderful person or family that would finally care for him and love him, and that’s exactly what he found! “Buster is living his best life now! We are so blessed to have this boy in our lives! It’s hard to believe he hasn’t always been here! When he is not playing with his countless toys he loves snuggling with his 2 buddy’s Bandit our 16 yr old large mix and Revo our 15 yr old toy poodle. He is just such a good boy! We cant imagine life without him! He celebrated his gotcha day with some doggie ice cream followed by a nap with his favorite blanket! He is even having a gotcha day party this weekend with his favorite playmate Maverick the standard poodle!”

Buster was adopted in July 2019.