Elsa, a very timid girl, was another victim of a puppy mill. Her life had been spent having litter after litter, but that’s all behind her now.  Her new family writes:  “She is doing well. She loves our other two dogs, but really connected with our Boxer Beau specifically. They are together all the time. She and the other two are playing and wrestling and barking at each other and playing tug of war with toys! She is really learning how to be just a dog. She is still a little leery of humans- just a little. She lets us pet her and she eats treats from our hand and just eats well in general. I never thought about how a dog would be leery of us- I am so used to getting puppies and having them be spoiled and loved by us right form the get go. So we have all had to adjust our expectations from her and practice much more patience with her.That being said, I look at her and just smile because I am so happy and proud that we were able to get her and change her life. People I have spoken to about it have asked how we have been dealing with her and I have told them that it’s been wonderful and above and beyond anything else I am just so happy that she is bonded with the other dogs! You can just tell that she looks at them as her true family. It’s amazing.”

Update in May 2020
“Elsa, our Boston Terrier Amish puppy mill mama we got from NCCR about 1 1/2 years ago…she’s been somewhat slow to warm up but since quarantine we have all been home together since 3/17/20 and she has BLOSSOMED into an even newer, more fun and carefree spirit than she was even before!!
We love her and she loves us !”

Elsa recently celebrated her 2nd ‘Gotcha Day’ in January 2021. “We have actually had her two years now and she’s still just as goofy and adorable as she has always been. She’s still working her way around from her previous life but doing better all the time! Loves to play tug-o-war with her BT brother Chili and chase Al, her feline brother. She also loves treats and chew toys. Thanks to NCCR for trusting us with her, be assured she is loved and cared for immensely ❤️”

Elsa was adopted in January 2019.