Tucker was rescued in mid-July 2019 from a backyard breeder hoarding situation in Arkansas. Darwin was extremely traumatized by his early life of abuse and neglect. He was so shut down and terrified when he arrived, he was desperate to hide and couldn’t be handled. Fast forward to May 2020…from his family: ” “We wanted to update you on our sweet Tucker. He has made so much progress. We have a bit to go. He is my shadow. He sleeps on our bed with one of our other dogs. He loves to play mainly with me still but he’s starting to let Mike in. He knows the routine as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Out to potty and I like to sit on the couch where he jumps all over and plays and takes my hand for me to pet him! He’s just a crazy, silly loving baby & we love him so much! I’ve enclosed a video (https://youtu.be/Nz-Pxml6LrM) to show how he has changed since we first met him. Thank you!”

Tucker was adopted in January 2020.