Jack, (Xavier) just celebrated his 4th Gotcha Day and we received this wonderful email from his human. “He is such a joy! I love this boy so much. When I first got him 4 years ago he was a very scared guy. He would growl and bark at anyone that would come in the house. He was so scared of being abused. 😥 My heart broke for this sweet boy. He is now a very happy and the most loving dog. I love it when he can be just chilling on the floor in the living room and when he hears my voice, even if I am talking to someone else and his tail just starts a wagging. You can hear it hit the floor. I am so thankful to have him in my life. He isn’t just a dog but he is my best friend 💓 Thank you for the opportunity to love him and call him my furbaby.” It is our thanks to you and to all of the adopters that give these lost souls time to heal and become the best dogs they can be!

Jack was adopted in October 2016.