This handsome fellow was found roaming stray. When no owner came forward, he was readied for adoption and soon left for a new home. “The first week or so he would suck on his blanket from the shelter and knead. To my surprise he hasn’t done it in a few days, where when he first got here he was doing it multiple times a day. He does great when our family comes over. We have no children in our house or family so he hasn’t interacted with them yet. We walk at least 1 hour a day, and he does great. He pulls if he sees another person/dog/bird. He has sit down pat. We are working on down, recall, heal, and leave it. He’s a fast and smart learner, but husky’s like to do things on their own terms! He is a Velcro dog to me. If I go to another room, he has to follow me and know where I am. His attachment seems strongest with me, probably because I am home all day and give him training and structure.

Sorry for the novel! It’s nice to talk about our sweet boy. If you have any advice to anything, let me know!”

Koda was adopted in October 2020.