Priscella and two of her pals lost their home when the family could no longer care for them. Thankfully, she is now settled into her new home! “She has adjusted extremely well, just after one week she exhibits behavior that is very friendly and happy. She is very cuddly and roams the house freely. She appears to be completely house trained as she hasn’t had an accident in our house yet and we don’t expect her too at this point in time.

She loves to cuddle up to you when she sleeps. She loves our house and particular our sun room. This allows her to get a full view of the outside since it is completely glassed and screened in. ANY animal (deer, squirrel, chipmuck) gets her attention immediately! She isn’t really vocal but sometimes will be when she wants someone’s attention. The only odd thing we found is that when she hears the fire siren, she thinks it is other dogs howling and she begins to howl as well. Don’t think this is harmful and is somewhat entertaining.

She goes for 4-5 walks a day and on the weekend I take her to a park and use a long training lead to let her wander around for about an hour. Now her tails wags all the time. She appears to be very happy with her new surroundings.

We are really happy to add her to our family and completely enjoying her company.  Thanks for sharing her with us.” 

Priscella was adopted in September 2020.