“This 6 pound ball of fur is bringing us such JOY!!!!!  I knew that adopting a furry friend could be challenging, but not with this guy!  He is a dream come true!

No issues whatsoever with pottying, eating, being with people or dogs!  He is just the biggest LOVE!!  Tank loves his walks, sniffing and visiting.   He is already becoming my gardening companion, sitting on a soft cushion under a blanket while I weed.  We take him on long drives and hikes in the woods.  He is just so happy to be with us!  He sleeps in a crate at night.  The first night, he cried a few minutes, and not since.  He is the biggest snuggler always looking for an opportunity to ball up in your lap and get lots of patting and love.  We hit the lottery with this LOVE!!!  Thank you so much!”

Tank was adopted April 3, 2020.