This bonded couple, likely mother and son, were brought to the shelter when their family moved. They are celebrating a year in their home! From their family, “They go for a long walk every morning, weather permitting.  Maggie walks with some mission in mind while Fudge prefers to take his time and enjoy the scenery.  They are still very much the bounded pair but have now included us in their family to be protected and loved – besides we give them TREATS!  Maggie is a fast eater and so has a special dish to help try to slow her down, while Fudge, yet again, prefers to take his sweet time with his meals.  Fudge likes to watch television and Maggie likes to sit in your lap and help you eat, whether you want the help or not.  Everyone needs a taste tester don’t they?  They both dislike the snow and the rain and so find that someone has to stand outside with them to prove that it is okay to be outside.  They have several sweaters and coats (who doesn’t like to dress up their family members!) and are very good about putting them on so must have worn in their previous home.

We are still learning about each other after a year, but they are a loving duo and a joyful addition to the family.  Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do.”

Maggie and Fudge were adopted in May, 2019.