Ian came to NCCR at 5 months old from another shelter. From his family, “Ian is now named Tucker. He is so happy 😁 I’m his new 🏡 home. We are almost potty trained. He loves the peanut butter snacks that I made for his rewards. He takes naps in his crate every afternoon. He loves people and try’s to make friends with everyone he meets, and every pet that he meets. He wants to be friends with our cats. They, however don’t want to be his friend. Maggie goes to a high place and hisses at him if he comes to close. She is not afraid of him. Mitzie is afraid of her own shadow so she hides from him upstairs. We have been training him to walk next to us . He is very strong . He is part beagle and so he tracks with his nose and pulls to the left and to the right. He is learning. Then when we come home we let him run freely in the backyard. What joy he shows as he runs in circles toward us and all around the backyard and back to us. He brings that joy to us!”

Tucker was adopted in May 2020.