Our hearts wait for you…

At any given time, most shelters and rescues have that one or two dogs that  just get overlooked.  Other dogs come and go, but they remain patiently waiting for their chance to be chosen. Sure, some of them have unique personalities, but for some it’s because of their breed,  their age, or they are ordinary looking or have a special need.

This page is to highlight a dog or two from each of our local rescue groups who could use the extra exposure with hopes that they will soon find a home. Each one of these dogs will be a wonderful family member if given the chance.


Introducing Sammi!  With a lot of effort, actually weeks of effort by NCCR’s Director and some kind people, Sammi was trapped and brought to NCCR two days before her puppies were born. She was feral, but with time and alot of patience from the volunteers, she has been undergoing a slow, yet amazing transformation.  Read more about Sammi here:https://www.caninerescue.org/sammi/

Sammi for page____________________________________________________________________________
Meet Tucker! Tucker is a fun boy and the life of the party! This happy boy loves to be with people and craves attention! He is housebroken and crate trained. Tucker is very motivated by food and is learning new things quickly. This fun boy will make a great addition to an active family!

TUCKER IS A COURTESY LISTING AND IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT BECAUSE YOU CARE IN McKEAN, PA. (www.becauseyoucare.org) Here is the link to his page and an application to adopt: http://www.becauseyoucare.org/pets_for_adoption/search/pet_details/?theid=3166


Who could resist the adorable face of Rocky!   He is a gentle, lovable boy waiting patiently for a home.  Rocky is available for adoption at Lakeshore Humane Society. More information and an application can be found here:  http://www.lakeshorehumanesociety.org/?page_id=10096